Executive Cabinet

John Chawana
Dr. John M. Chawana

Vice Chancellor, Institutional Intelligence, Planning and Transformation

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Gaby Flores
Ms. Gaby Flores

Associate Vice Chancellor, Equity and Inclusion, Chief Diversity Officer

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Sue Gochis
Ms. Sue Gochis

Vice Chancellor, Student Success and Engagement, and President, MCC-Blue River

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Rosemary Martin
Ms. Rosemary Martin

Chief Human Resources Officer

Larry Rideaux
Dr. Larry Rideaux Jr.

Acting President, MCC-Penn Valley

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Ellen Crowe
Dr. Ellen Crowe

Interim President, MCC-Maple Woods

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Sandra Garcia
Ms. Sandra Garcia

General Counsel and Vice Chancellor of Legal Affairs and Institutional Compliance

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Tyjuan Lee
Dr. Tyjaun A. Lee

Interim Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services

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Thomas Meyer
Dr. Thomas W. Meyer

Vice Chancellor of Instruction and President, MCC-Online

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Katherine Swanson
Dr. Kathrine Swanson

President, MCC-Longview

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