Mission - Vision - Purpose

Metropolitan Community College is dedicated to serving the educational needs of the community. The college's programs are intended to help students understand themselves, the society of which they are a part and the universe in which they live.

At the same time, MCC provides opportunities for students to develop occupational skills. Faculty and administrators cooperate to create an environment that stimulates intellectual growth and nurtures academic freedom for students and instructors alike. The programs offered are intended to encourage lifelong learning.

MCC employees are committed to providing equal opportunity for all persons regardless of age, creed, race or gender.

As Metropolitan Community College (MCC) embarked on a journey to develop its next strategic plan, MCC Reimagined, it became apparent that the College needed to refresh its mission and vision statements to more directly reflect its growing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The revised vision and mission statements, shown below, remove any doubt that MCC is a place for all to call home.

MCC's Mission

Preparing students, serving communities, creating opportunities for all.


In order to accomplish this mission, the Board of Trustees has empowered the chancellor, as executive officer, to implement its policies. The chancellor, with the other officers of the district, will provide leadership in the implementation of the mission and goals of the district.


MCC will be the Kansas City region's college of choice where all are encouraged to learn, discover and engage.


During the development of MCC Reimagined and through extensive college and community outreach, MCC identified five value statements that represent the ideals the College will embody in its next chapter and beyond.

  • Excellence - We deliver our very best as an employer, community partner, educator, and workforce training provider for all of Kansas City.
  • Learning - We promote personal, professional, and lifelong learning opportunities that positively impact lives and shape the Kansas City workforce.
  • Equity - Our institutional infrastructure fosters equity in employment and student learning and eliminates barriers to success for anyone.
  • People - People serve as the cornerstone of what we do and why we do it. We invest in employee development, intentionally recruit and retain a workforce that represents the communities we serve, and embrace individuals of all walks of life as valued members of the MCC Wolfpack.
  • Integrity - We conduct ourselves transparently, ethically, and in ways that honor the trust placed in us by our students, employees, and communities we serve.


In pursuit of MCC's mission, the district will:

  • Provide courses and associate degree programs that prepare students to transfer to four-year colleges and universities to complete bachelor's degrees.
  • Provide courses, certificates and associate degree programs to prepare students to enter the work force in skilled jobs and careers.
  • Provide courses, certificates and associate degree programs to assist adult workers to upgrade their job skills, change careers, or advance in their careers.
  • Provide instruction in core academic skills that prepare students to succeed in college-level courses and programs.
  • Provide student development and support services to assist students to achieve their academic, career and personal goals.
  • Provide and support activities to enhance student learning outside the classroom.
  • Provide a range of services and accommodations to help all prospective students overcome barriers to access college programs and opportunities
  • Provide courses and other educational and cultural activities to enrich the lives of members of the community.
  • Provide business support services and other training and assistance to support the economic development of the community.
  • Collaborate with other educational institutions, community-based organizations, agencies, businesses and industries to meet the needs of the community.