Programs at MCC-Online

MCC-Online offers the following degree programs:

Associate in Arts

MCC's Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree provides a well-rounded educational foundation that prepares students to select appropriate majors/career paths, help them transfer and successfully complete baccalaureate degrees.

Associate in Arts Teaching

The Associates in Arts Teaching (A.A.T.) degree is a pre-professional degree that prepares students to transfer to a four-year college or university offering a Bachelor's degree in Teacher Education. The A.A.T. is a state-wide approved program and when completed in its entirety meets the first 2 years certification requirements for individuals pursuing either an early childhood, elementary or secondary education degree.

Associate in Applied Science - accounting, business management or logistics

Learn the basics of business and accounting and you'll have the key to understanding the functions of the business world that are applicable to virtually every career. As a business professional, you'll be able to analyze and suggest ways to improve profits, productivity and organizational structure.

At MCC, you can choose from a robust selection of business courses, including accounting, management, human resource management, marketing, business law, logistics, income taxes, entrepreneurship, supervision and more.

Associate in Applied Science - secure systems administration and engineering (cybersecurity)

Built around stackable certificates mapped to industry certifications, the secure systems administration and engineering (cybersecurity) program helps students earn credentials more quickly, and offers credit by certification for students already holding credentials and wishing to complete a degree or certificate.

Associate in Applied Science - software development

The Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) Software Development prepares students for entry-level employment with full-stack development skills in the areas of software and web development or for transfer to a four-year school. Our software development emphasis offers the following programming language strands delivered in a hands-on format: C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Bash, PowerShell, Python, HTML, CSS, MySQL and Apache.