Tutoring at MCC-Penn Valley

Our mission is to provide academic support to students as they work to become independent learners. The SSC offers FREE tutoring for students enrolled in MCC courses. Our tutors offer assistance in a variety of subjects. Support for specific subjects may vary from semester to semester, depending on staffing.

SSC promotes student engagement in the learning process and are committed to maintaining high standards, encouraging student success and creating lifelong learners. The full-time SSC staff offer help with study skills, test-taking strategies, organization, goal setting and more.

All services are provided free of charge to students currently enrolled in MCC courses.

Writing center

The SSC writing center is a place to help you write assigned papers across the curriculum, such as essays and research papers, even preparation for speech class. Learning specialists and tutors will also assist with the process for writing business letters and college applications.

We believe that learning is social. The SSC provides a comfortable environment where you will find support for the writing process.

The writing center will...

  • Help you understand the demands of your assignment
  • Encourage you to generate ideas
  • Assist the development of your thesis statement/main idea
  • Provide strategies for the organization of your assignment
  • Assist you in learning to identify needs for revision structurally, as well as with grammar and mechanical problems
  • Share resources to support your writing process
  • Offer an environment that is supportive and collaborative
  • Support you with basic word processing

Schedule an in-person or virtual tutoring session

Writing tutoring is by appointment only (virtual and in-person) and scheduled through Accudemia.

View appointment scheduling instructions (PDF)

How to make the most of your visit to the writing center

Biology lab

Subjects tutored in the biology lab

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy/Physiology

Helpful resource for studying

Academic Resources Core-content Links (ARC Links): reference source of links to tutorials and other resources for the core subject areas in mathematics, the sciences, writing, computer science, engineering and technology at the college level. There is some slant toward areas that involve computers and the creator's own background in electrical engineering.

Math center

We provide free drop-in tutoring for MCC students. Tutoring availability for some courses, such as statistics, calculus or differential equations, varies. It is recommended to call the SSC in advance to see if someone will be available to assist you with those courses.

Additional resources we provide:

  • Handouts to help study for class (copies of these handouts can be found under the links above).
  • Copies of textbooks or calculators for use within the Learning Resource Center
  • Quiet study rooms for group studying
  • Video lectures (and rooms to watch them in)

Interested in becoming a Math Tutor?

Please contact the Student Success Center for details about our available tutoring positions!

All services provided free of charge to students currently enrolled in MCC courses.

Other subjects

Tutoring for the following subjects varies based on demand and availability of tutors. Please contact the SSC for more details and to see if someone is available to assist you in these areas.

Policies and tips for success

The SSC strives to maintain a professional but comfortable environment that is conducive to learning. As a courtesy to other students, faculty and staff, we ask that you please observe the following policies when using our facility.

Tips for success