Institutional Review Board

The IRB ensures the safety and well-being of human subjects participating in research studies being conducted by MCC students, faculty and staff, as well as all research projects involving human participants occurring at MCC.

Suppose your research involves gathering data from living human beings or identifiable information associated with living human beings from any source. In that case, the IRB must review and grant approval (or exemption) for the project before you begin. If you are unsure whether your project requires review, contact the IRB for guidance.

The IRB monitors research studies to ensure that the human, civil, and legal rights of human research participants are respected and that researchers are adhering to the highest ethical standards. Please note that IRB approval can only be given for up to one year.

Ongoing projects must seek to reapprove if: (1) any changes are made to the research protocol, or (2) the data will remain active beyond the expiration of the original approval (one year from the original approval date).

Please see the IRB Submission Guidelines (PDF) for more information.

Board Members

Melissa Giese
Executive Director of Institutional Research & Analytics

Kimberly Glackin
Psychology Faculty

Cynthia Heddlesten
Sociology Faculty

Daekeun (David) Kwon
Chemistry Faculty

Angela Bahner
Psychology Faculty

Amy Abma
Nursing Faculty

UMKC Graduate
External Community Member