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Health care

MCC requires all F-1 students carry health insurance in accordance with USCIS regulations and/or MCC policies.

Please contact The LewerMark® Agency directly at 800.821.7710 for questions regarding your insurance policy or coverage, the status of your filed claim, receipt of premium or verification of coverage, or for a list of providers.

MCC international students can also go to a Take Care Health Center located within many Walgreens' stores. No appointment is required and the centers are open seven days a week. Services include minor injuries, respiratory illnesses, vaccinations and skin conditions. For a complete list and to find a location near you go to Walgreens Healthcare Clinic. There is no copay for MCC international students. Do not forget to present your health insurance card.

For the 24 hour nurse help line call 800.821.7710 or visit the MCC LewerMark website. Translators are provided free of charge.

Please remember that if you bring your spouse and/or children with you, they must also be adequately insured.

Services and clinics

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Scholarships for students in the U.S. on visas

Barbara Wiedner and Dorothy Vandercook Memorial Peace Scholarship

Students chosen are those who have already exhibited their commitment to peace and justice through volunteer work in their own communities, awareness of nuclear issues, and plans to use future education to help create a more peaceful and just world for all. There are no grade point or age requirements and students from any country may apply. $250-$500. Contact: Grandmothers for Peace International

Toyoda English Language Scholarship

Based on merit and financial need, these scholarships are to recognize academic accomplishment and interest in American culture and English language. Amount varies. Contact: Yukiharu Maekawa, Executive Director, World International Network, 2-13 Hayabusa-cho Suite 205 Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan

Harley and Geneva Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Established to provide scholarships for students to/from the Kansas City area and Scandinavia. Contact the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Social Security

F-1 students must establish that they either are approved for curricular practical training, optional practical training or have secured an on-campus job before being eligible to apply for a SSN.

A Social Security Number (SSN) is a nine-digit number assigned to an individual to identify his/her record of earnings while employed in the U.S. The SSN is also used to track wages and report taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.


F-1 students are only permitted to engage in employment that has been authorized.

There are three categories of employment available to F-1 students at MCC. All of these categories require that the student has valid F-1 status. A student who is out of status is not eligible for F-1 benefits, including employment.


Income earned in the United States is usually subject to any federal, state or local income regulations that apply.