Dual Credit

Earn college credit while in high school with dual credit.

Dual credit is a program that allows qualified high school students to enroll in college level classes that earn both high school and college credit.

The program is operated jointly by the high school and Metropolitan Community College-Kansas City, and students receive credit at both institutions upon successful completion of dual credit courses. These courses are primarily taught at the high school by high school instructors.

Enrollment process

The enrollment steps are as follows:

Step 1

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Complete an online application for admission to MCC

  1. Students who have not applied for admission will not be able to test or be enrolled. The MCC ID generated from the application is required on the ITE (intent to enroll) prior to submission. 
  2. Applicants will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address they provide on the application; this will contain their MCC Student ID number and temporary password to access their myMCCKC student account. If a student does not receive this email, they should check to make sure it did not go to their SPAM folder.

Step 2

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Complete and submit paperwork from dual credit information packet.

  1. Dual credit students must be admitted to MCC and have all of their paperwork completed at the time of registration. This includes having GPA confirmed by the school counselor, placement testing completed, and intent to enroll form with signatures on file with the college. Students will need to act on their own behalf and will need to present a photo ID for any transactions at the college.
  2. Students will be required to submit the following forms before being enrolled in dual credit courses:

Financial information

Enrollment for dual credit courses is arranged by the high school. College tuition is paid to Metropolitan Community College at the rate of half the cost of attending courses on one of the MCC campuses. The school or the student will be billed as established in the dual credit agreement. In many cases, the high school will provide required books for the courses.

Student eligibility

Dual credit students must meet or exceed all eligibility requirements for enrolling in MCC courses. Specifically, they must meet all prerequisite requirements for any course, including satisfactory placement test scores in English, Reading, and Mathematics as required by MCC policies for all students.

Because they are by definition high school students, students enrolled in dual credit courses that are intended to transfer to other colleges and universities in the state must meet the higher eligibility requirements for enrollment in college courses established by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE). These include minimum grade point average requirements, satisfactory scores on subject matter tests, and the recommendation of the high school principal and/or counselor.

Students with high school GPAs less than 2.5 will generally not be eligible for dual credit. The final decision for student eligibility for career and technical courses rests with the Vice Chancellor of Instruction/Chief Academic Officer.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Juniors and Seniors with a 3.0+ cumulative GPA are eligible without a letter of recommendation.
  • Juniors or Seniors must have a 2.5 -2.99 cumulative GPA (requires signature of high school dual credit counselor and parent on “Intent to Enroll” (ITE) and a letter of recommendation from principal or counselor.
  • Sophomores must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA AND signature of high school dual credit counselor and parent on ITE and recommendation letters from the principal and school counselor.
  • ACT or college placement exam scores within the eligibility range of the selected course(s).

*Note: GPA calculation is unweighted

Student support

Dual credit students have access to the same college resources that current MCC students utilize.

Dropping/Withdrawing from a dual credit course

Withdrawing is a formal withdrawal from a course. It must be done by the withdrawal date provided by MCC to display as a “W” on the student’s transcript. This shows the course was attempted, but it does not factor into the student’s grade point average.

If a student wishes to drop a dual credit course, a withdrawal form must be completed and submitted as soon as possible. To have charges removed or reduced, a student must officially drop the classes within the designated refund period. After the deadline, the student will be responsible for the full cost of the course.

If the student wishes to withdraw from a dual credit course and not receive a course grade, a withdrawal form must be submitted to the high school’s dual credit coordinator by the academic assessment deadline in the first 75% of the term. A “W” will be posted on the official college transcript. Students should be aware that transcripted Ws can negatively affect financial aid eligibility in the future.

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