Welcome to MCC-Online: 24 hour access to quality higher education

You've made the decision to improve your life by getting a college degree, but you don't want to wait around until the beginning of the semester. Thankfully, MCC-Online has a new start seven times each year, so you can begin when you want and finish on time, if not with a few weeks to spare. Regardless of when your class meets, you can correspond with your instructor around the clock.

Flexibility is key

Busy at night? Go to class in the day. Have plans for the day? Take care of your classwork at night. You are in charge of where you want to go. In fact, you even have the choice to pursue one of four degrees entirely online. See your Student Success Advisor for more information.

Speaking of advisors, your designated Student Success Advisor will be there every step of the way, making sure you take only the classes you need and nothing you don't! No need to come to campus. Your Student Success Advisor is available online or by phone.

Your support network doesn't stop there!

Your instructor is an active participant in the class, and you can post questions to them around the clock. Many are available with a virtual office, and all are available by phone and email.

You also get to know your classmates, so you are not learning in isolation. Actually, one of the things our students say about MCC-Online is they feel more connected to their classmates than they thought they would. But when you think about it, it's no surprise. There's a lot of group activities and discussions that are a naturally occurring part of an online curriculum.