Notification Alerts

MCC's emergency notification provides for the issuance of an Emergency Alert to the MCC community if a significant emergency or dangerous situation has arisen and it has been confirmed by campus officials that the same involves an immediate, impending or imminent threat to the health or safety of the MCC community, either on or off campus.

How you will be notified

We use several methods to reach the MCC community. Our primary methods of alerting people include:

  • E-mail: Depending on the situation, MCC may send an "MCCALERT" message to MCC e-mail accounts of students, faculty and staff.
  • Indoor Warning System: An alert message may be broadcast in buildings on campus using a siren/public address system.
  • Outdoor Speaker System: an alert message may be broadcast using the outdoor sirens/publish address system.
  • Text Messaging: MCC Notify Me is an emergency text message system that will send subscribers a message to their mobile devices in the event of a public safety or weather-related emergency. Students and employees can sign up by logging in to myMCCKC and by clicking on "Manage MCC Notify Me" link at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
  • Web: Emergency alerts will be posted on the front page of MCC's website as well as on MCC Alert pages. MCC may also send updates through the emergency RSS feed. .
  • Social Media: Emergency alerts will be posted on MCC's Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Other: Additional methods of communication may include distributing fliers and posting on bulletin boards. Regular updates will also be provided to the news media.

How do you stop receiving text messages?

If you sign up to receive text alerts, you can stop these at any time by sending a text message containing the words STOP or QUIT to 67283 (MRAVE) or 226787 (CAMPUS).

Where can I get more help?

You can also reach us by email at