Inclement Weather Protocol

The MCC service area transcends the greater Kansas City area and region. Our students and employees travel extended distances to report to work and attend classes.

Due to significant seasonal weather events that impact our region and district, MCC has established an inclement weather protocol to identify individual roles and responsibilities, and determine if and when classes in the district should be cancelled or delayed.

The single most significant concern in making this decision is the safety of our students, employees and guests as they travel to and from their MCC destination.

Inclement weather protocols

Essential personnel

Employees whose job duties are critical to maintaining a secure environment and supporting key infrastructure systems to include:

  • maintaining police operations
  • information technology systems
  • facility operations
  • Maple Woods veterinarian technician department (animal care)
  • Other employee(s) when designated as such by the Chancellor or her/his designee.

Note: During a Level I and II closure or delayed opening/early departure employees labeled as essential personnel will report to work or remain on duty unless otherwise directed by a supervisor.

During an ice or snow weather event it is critical that the clearing operations of lots, drives and sidewalks managed by facilities are not disrupted.