MCC-Penn Valley Clubs & Orgs

So, you want to get involved ...

The office of Campus Life and Leadership makes getting involved easy. There are a ton of established clubs to choose from and we make starting your club easy too. Simply stop by the Campus Life and Leadership office to inquire about a club or pick up a constitution to get your very own campus organization up and running. Either way, we hope to see you soon.

Active clubs and organizations

Inactive clubs

The following clubs/organizations have been a part of MCC-Penn Valley in the past. Currently, they are not active - but can be revitalized.

If you are interested please contact the Campus Life and Leadership office by calling 816.604.4167, e-mailing or stopping by Campus Center 200.

Campus Ambassadors

Campus Ambassadors are representatives of the student body and hosts to college visitors. Ambassadors work with faculty, staff, students and the community to promote MCC-Penn Valley.

EMS/Paramedic Club

EMS/paramedic Club is open to anyone working towards a degree or interested in one in the EMS/paramedic field. This club provides networking, leadership development and social activities for students.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Intervarsity is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian campus ministry founded in 1941 who works with students and faculty on U.S. college and university campuses to develop students as leaders.