MCC-Blue River Clubs & Orgs

So, you want to get involved ...

The mission of Campus Life and Leadership at MCC-Blue River is to complement the academic program and enhance the sense of community on campus.

The goal is accomplished by providing opportunities for students to develop, implement and participate in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, governmental, leadership development and community service programs and events. These co-curricular experiences provide students with leadership skills that can be utilized in future educational, community and professional work environments.

Campus Life and Leadership sponsors leadership and other activities throughout the year.

Contact us for more information on specific clubs and organizations, opportunities for involvement, or how to start a club or organization. Your participation is valuable to us and we encourage you to take an active part in campus life.

Active clubs and organizations

Inactive clubs and organizations

The following clubs have been a part of MCC-Blue River's history. Currently they are not active, but if you are interested starting an organization or a club, and leave your legacy by being a leader, please contact the Campus Life and Leadership Office.

Chemistry Club (ACS)
Be a part of the most prestigious scientific professional association in the world. Find ways to grow your network, access premium content and accelerate your career with ACS.

Metropolitan Chorale of Kansas City
This choir is composed of students taking choir for credit and community choir members. The choir is involved in various performances throughout the year.

Pre-Health Profession Society
The club meets to provide information, resources, and opportunities that introduce students to the world of healthcare.

Veteran's Club of MCC-BR
The club provides support for veterans to talk about the transition from military to civilian life and raises awareness at MCC-Blue River about what it is like to serve in the military.