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Metropolitan Community College offers many flexible scheduling options to you meet degree requirements while balancing work and life. For convenience, we have listed our classes in alphabetical order.

Curriculum Crosswalks

MCC recently updated several course designators. Please refer to the following for further information.

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MUSI 101 Choir I1 Cr.
MUSI 102 Choir II1 Cr.
MUSI 103 Concert Band I1 Cr.
MUSI 104 Concert Band II1 Cr.
MUSI 105 Orchestra I1 Cr.
MUSI 106 Orchestra II1 Cr.
MUSI 108 Music Appreciation3 Cr.
MUSI 110 Music Theory I4 Cr.
MUSI 111 Music Theory II4 Cr.
MUSI 112 Class Piano I2 Cr.
MUSI 113 Class Piano II2 Cr.
MUSI 116 Evolution of Jazz3 Cr.
MUSI 119 Jazz Improvisation2 Cr.
MUSI 130 Private Instruction I1 Cr.
MUSI 131 Private Instruction I2 Cr.
MUSI 132 Private Instruction II1 Cr.
MUSI 133 Private Instruction II2 Cr.
MUSI 134 Jazz Band I1 Cr.
MUSI 135 Jazz Band II1 Cr.
MUSI 160 Music of the World's Cultures3 Cr.
MUSI 201 Choir III1 Cr.
MUSI 202 Choir IV1 Cr.
MUSI 203 Concert Band III1 Cr.
MUSI 204 Concert Band IV1 Cr.
MUSI 205 Orchestra III1 Cr.
MUSI 206 Orchestra IV1 Cr.
MUSI 210 Music Theory III4 Cr.
MUSI 212 Class Piano III2 Cr.
MUSI 230 Private Instruction III1 Cr.
MUSI 231 Private Instruction III2 Cr.
MUSI 232 Private Instruction IV1 Cr.
MUSI 233 Private Instruction IV2 Cr.
MUSI 234 Jazz Band III1 Cr.
MUSI 235 Jazz Band IV1 Cr.

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