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Metropolitan Community College offers many flexible scheduling options to you meet degree requirements while balancing work and life. For convenience, we have listed our classes in alphabetical order.

Curriculum Crosswalks

MCC recently updated several course designators. Please refer to the following for further information.

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Computer Science Information Systems

CSIS 110 Information Technology Fundamentals3 Cr.
CSIS 111 Computer Hardware, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting3 Cr.
CSIS 115 Computer Concepts and Applications3 Cr.
CSIS 119 Scripting Fundamentals3 Cr.
CSIS 123 Programming Fundamentals3 Cr.
CSIS 128 Web Development3 Cr.
CSIS 143 Database Design and Management3 Cr.
CSIS 151 Microsoft Operating System Concepts3 Cr.
CSIS 152 Linux Operating System3 Cr.
CSIS 161 Networking Fundamentals3 Cr.
CSIS 170 Principles of Information Security3 Cr.
CSIS 221 Introduction to Computer Architecture3 Cr.
CSIS 222 Object-Oriented Programming with Java3 Cr.
CSIS 223 Object-Oriented Programming with C++3 Cr.
CSIS 228 Advanced Web Development3 Cr.
CSIS 230 Windows Server and Active Directory Fundamentals3 Cr.
CSIS 232 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Concepts3 Cr.
CSIS 250 Assembly Language Programming3 Cr.
CSIS 265 .NET Web Programming with C#3 Cr.
CSIS 270 Network and Systems Security3 Cr.
CSIS 271 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis3 Cr.
CSIS 280 Penetration Testing3 Cr.
CSIS 281 Cyber Analytics3 Cr.

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