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Important: MCC recently updated the BSAD course designator for its business courses to either BUSN or ACCT. Please refer to the Business Course Crosswalk (PDF) to determine the name of the new BUSN or ACCT course that will fulfill the BSAD requirement on your degree plan.

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FALL 2023 / MATH / MATH 89


MATH 89 - Mathematical Reasoning and Modeling Support (2 credits)

Prerequisite: MATH 031 or higher with a grade of S (or C) or appropriate placement score and concurrent enrollment in MATH 119. Mathematical Reasoning and Modeling Support is a one-semester co-requisite course for Math 119 – Mathematical Reasoning and Modeling. Students must enroll concurrently in MATH 089 and MATH 119. MATH 089 offers foundational skills necessary for student success in MATH 119. The content of MATH 089 is directly aligned to the course objectives and content of MATH 119, but allows for flexibility to fit individual student needs. Enrollment in MATH 089 provides students an opportunity to receive immediate support.

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