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Visiting Students

Make it count.

MCC continues with remote education this summer and plans to return to in-person classes this fall, helping thousands just like you progress toward their future goals in these uncertain times.

Here's your chance to shorten your time to graduation by taking a class at a Metropolitan Community College campus or online and seamlessly transfer back to your home school.

Make MCC your college this summer to:

  • Complete prerequisites on your time
  • Earn credit hours for seamless transfer,
  •  or for a degree or certificate to strengthen your career
  • Save Money. $107 per credit hour ($116 per credit hour effective Fall 2021) for in-district residents and $30 million in financial aid scholarships and grants to boost your budget- smart moves in our unprecedented era.

Take a class, save money on tuition and living expenses, then seamlessly transfer the credits you earn to your college or university. MCC credits earned as part of Missouri’s Core 42 package of general education classes will transfer anywhere in the state: guaranteed.

MCC is Kansas City's source for great value, small classes, exceptional faculty and work-friendly internet, day, evening and weekend scheduling.  This summer, your opportunity is clear, even if the path to your goals has taken an unexpected turn.

Like you, thousands of our former students may face an uncertain future and may not be able to return to their current schools, however you can be certain that MCC has the resources in place to make sure you can continue.

Steps to apply:

  1. Fill out an application for admission to MCC.
    • When selecting your "admit type" choose option 4 - "visiting from another college and will return".
    • Under "What is your primary goal while at MCC?", select "Take classes and then transfer".
    • Make sure to include a valid email address in the application so that you can be notified when the application has been processed.
  2. After receiving the email verifying that your application has been processed, follow instructions in the email to create a password and log into your myMCCKC student account.
  3. Send your transcript from your home school to assist in placement and in meeting prerequisites. 
  4. Be sure to review the prerequisite requirements for the classes you want to take. It's important you have the knowledge required to successfully complete your courses.
  5. Follow steps 4 and 5 on the MCC Get Started page to enroll in classes, pay tuition, purchase books, and attend classes.
  6. Upon completion of classes, log into your myMCCKC account and use the "official transcript" option to transfer your MCC credits to your home college. 

A+ Information

Access to financial aid services (including A+) is not available to visiting students.

As a visiting student, it is your responsibility to speak with your home institution about how MCC credits will transfer back to that college.

Should you decide you'd like to pursue a degree from MCC, you will need to re-apply for admission as a transfer student.