Student responsibilities

Academic calendar

Be aware of important dates on the academic calendar. The academic calendar includes information about refund and withdrawal dates, midterms, holidays, exam schedules and more.


Students are responsible for attending classes as required by their instructors and are responsible for officially withdrawing from classes. MCC regulations state that an instructor may withdraw a student from class after a consecutive absence equating to 15% of the total class time or after total absences equating to 33% of the total class time.

An instructor may choose to enforce a stricter attendance policy. If so, you will be notified of this policy by the instructor at the beginning of the semester. An instructor may grant an exception to this policy after holding a conference with a student.

Change of address, name change

If you change your address or your name, you are responsible for updating your information in the Enrollment Center/Records Office within ten days of the change. Be aware that address changes may alter your residency status and tuition and fee rates. Download and complete the statistical data change form (PDF) to update your information.

Children on campus

MCC provides environments that promote learning for students who are enrolled. Classroom, studio, library and laboratory environments are not appropriate places for children.

The campuses are also places of easy access to the public and do not have resources to protect unsupervised children, which could place your child at risk. Therefore, students are prohibited from leaving a child unattended at any college facility. Unattended children will be reported to the Public Safety Office and the parent/guardian responsible could face disciplinary action.

Computer usage policy

MCC encourages the use and application of information technologies to support the instructional mission of the institution. Therefore, students have access to a variety of technology resources on campus. The primary purpose of these resources is for college-related activities only, and students are expected to follow acceptable standards for ethics and conduct in their use of computing resources. MCC reserves the right to monitor and record the usage of student computing if necessary.


MCC sends important communications to students through student email, a free, web-based email account provided to all students. You should check your student email account on a regular basis for important information from the financial aid and advising offices, communications from your instructor, as well as general information of interest to all MCC students.

Student email login details are included in a confidential mailer sent to all new students. Student email can be easily forwarded to your personal email account so you don't miss important messages.

Financial aid eligibility

Federal regulations require that all students receiving federal aid funds maintain satisfactory progress; failure to do so could result in termination of financial aid. View MCC's Satisfactory Academic Progress Guidelines.

Financial responsibility

When you register for classes at MCC, you become financially obligated. It is your responsibility to pay all charges on your account by the due date. If your financial aid, scholarship or payment from an external source becomes unavailable or is insufficient, then you must pay the balance immediately upon notification. It is your responsibility to ensure that your tuition and fees are paid in full.

Graduation application

If you plan to complete a certificate or a degree, you must apply for graduation in the semester prior to the semester in which you plan to complete your requirements. Application can be completed in your myMCCKC student center.

How to drop a class

Students are responsible for officially withdrawing from classes they do not plan to complete. Students may drop a class through their myMCCKC student center or by visiting with a Student Success Advisor.

If you stop attending a class but remain on the class roster, you may receive an "F" in the class. If you receive financial aid, you may also be required to repay those benefits. Dropping a class after the 100% refund period will result in a grade of "W" on the transcript. Students who do not drop their class prior to the last date of assessment will receive a grade for their academic progress.

Student who stop attending class during this time period could fall below satisfactory academic standards and therefore receive a failing grade.

Instructors are not required to withdraw you or to change a grade of "F" if you fail to assume this responsibility.

Parking regulations

All student and employee vehicles must display a current parking sticker. Parking stickers are free and are issued at either the Public Safety Office or the Campus Information Center.

Fines for parking violations range from $25 to $300 and must be paid within 10 days at the business office. Failure to pay fines will result in the restriction of grades and/or transcripts. Contact the Public Safety Offices for additional information.

Schedule changes

Students may make changes in their original class schedules before the semester begins. Contact your Student Success Advisor or use myMCCKC online system to add a new class or drop an existing one.

Weapons policy

Firearms and other weapons are strictly prohibited on all colleges premises, buildings and grounds, except those carried by commissioned law enforcement officers.