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MCC Math Discipline


Program Overview

MCC Campus(es):
MCC-Blue River
MCC-Maple Woods
MCC-Penn Valley


Mathematics is the foundation of so many fields, that anyone with a good command of math has countless doors of opportunity. Many of today's hottest careers are technical in nature and require some math expertise. And every endeavor needs excellent problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Some of the jobs for mathematicians:

  • Actuary
  • Applied mathematician
  • Civil engineer
  • Computer scientist
  • Cryptologist
  • Data analyst
  • Economist
  • Financial mathematician
  • Inventory strategist
  • Market researcher
  • Mathematics teacher
  • Operations research
  • Public policy research
  • Research scientist
  • Software developer
  • Statistician
  • Technical Writer

Our math courses include everything from basic math up to calculus and differential equations. Our mathematics program is built around the Associate in Arts (AA) degree. This degree gives you a solid two-year background in general education courses that can transfer to a four-year institution. It also allows 17 hours of elective courses that let you focus on your specific math interests.

Transfer Credits

While MCC does not offer a degree in this field, these lower division (freshman/sophomore level) courses move with you to a four year college or university and depending on your chosen major may apply toward your degree or as an elective. Check with your transfer school and your MCC academic advisor for the most accurate and timely transfer information.