Steps to Apply

Application period

Applications accepted August 1 to April 1 to start the program in the summer semester. The application period ends at 4:00 p.m. the last day of the application period.

Admission criteria to the program is subject to change without notice. If changes are made to the admission criteria, the applicant will need to meet all requirements that are in effect at the time of application.

Successful completion of the requirements necessary for admission to the program does not guarantee acceptance to the program.

Lineman Program Application

Steps to apply

All requirements must be met by all applicants prior to the start of any given application period.

***This includes those students with degrees and previous college course work***

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Apply to MCC

Apply to MCC


Step 2

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Submit all non-MCC official transcripts

Send official transcripts from all previous institutions attended to:

MCC Student Data Center
3200 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111

OR electronically to

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Step 3

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Complete the FAFSA

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at MCC's school code is 002484.

Learn more about MCC's financial aid options.

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Complete course placement

Course placement is used to determine what courses students are eligible to take. In order to complete course placement, you can take the ACCUPLACER exam, submit ACT scores, or provide your unweighted high school GPA.

Test scores are valid for three years from date of test. An unweighted high school GPA can be used to determine course placement as long as your high school graduation date is within three years of when you complete the lineman application.

If your course placement is READ 10 or READ 11, you will need to complete the developmental reading course sequence before you start the lineman program.

Testing into READ 10 will require you to successfully pass READ 10 and READ 11, and testing into READ 11 will require you to complete READ 11.

Previously completed college credits may result in you not needing to complete course placement. Please call 816.604.6587 if you have any questions about course placement, scheduling for the ACCUPLACER exam or transfer credit.

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Apply to lineman program

  1. Complete the Lineman Program Application. Please use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. To complete the application you will need your MCC student ID number and password. You will need to enter the "S" in the front of your student ID number.
  2. Current resume
  3. Lineman interview
  4. Signed release, assumption of risk and indemnification agreement
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Completion of prerequisite courses

All prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of May to be accepted into the program for summer. Prerequisite courses are:

  • English 101 Composition and Reading I
  • BUSN 190 Personal Finance
  • Math 103, Technical Mathematics I or Math 120 College Algebra or higher
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Step 7

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Attend a boot camp

Attend a boot camp after lineman application is submitted. boot camp will be a one-day event held on a Saturday. Please check your email after submitting the application for more details about boot camp.

Application Submitted

Attend boot camp

August, September, October


November, December, January


January, February, March




Download steps to apply (PDF)

Additional information

After attending a boot camp please continue to check your student email. This is how additional follow-up communication will be sent and you will be notified about acceptance into the program.

If you want to complete the A.A.S. Lineman degree you will need to complete general education courses. These courses can be completed before, during or after the lineman program. The additional general education course are:

  • History 120, History 121 -or- Political Science 136
  • Spanish 100 Beginning Occupational Spanish or higher level Spanish course
  • Communications 100 Fundamentals of Speech
  • 2- General education electives in the areas of: Anth, Art, Econ, Engl, Foreign Language, GEOG (except 104, 110 and GIS Courses), Phil, Psych Soci or Socs