Program Review

Program Review provides a unique opportunity to reflect on our work, engage in dialogue relative to our disciplines and programs strengths and opportunities and provides for continuous improvement.

MCC Mission Statement

Preparing Students, Serving Communities, and Creating Opportunities for all

MCC Vision Statement

Metropolitan Community College will be a high-performing institution that is learning-centered, affordable, and aligned around student success.

As a part of MCC's continuous improvement processes, all degree programs and non-degree entities will undergo program review.   This review process provides a periodic examination of the fundamentals of a discipline or program and is an integral part of overall institutional evaluation and the planning and development of the college.

What is Discipline/Program Review?

Program Review is:

  • A periodic and internal review process of all General Education Disciplines and CTE Programs
  • An institutional review of the academic offerings for currency, alignment with the institution's missions
  • A necessary process for any institution with a dynamic curriculum
  • A requirement by the Higher Learning Commission for Reaccreditation

HLC Criteria: Criterion Four. 
Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

The institution demonstrates responsibility for the quality of its educational programs, learning environments, and support services, and it evaluates their effectiveness for student learning through processes designed to promote continuous improvement.

Core Components 4.A.

The institution demonstrates responsibility for the quality of its educational programs.

  1. The institution maintains a practice of regular program reviews.