Pathways program: Free help for students who aren’t quite ready to take MCC credit classes

August 12, 2021 | Tim Engle

Potential MCC students who need to bolster their skills in reading, language or math before enrolling in credit classes now have an economical -- as in free -- way to accomplish that.

Pathways, a partnership between Literacy KC and MCC, starts Aug. 30 in-person at the Blue River, Longview, Maple Woods and Penn Valley campuses. Literacy KC provides the curriculum and certified instructors. MCC, in addition to providing space, recruits and refers prospective students into Pathways.

Pathways students commit to three hours, twice a week, for one semester or a full school year.

Improving literacy skills such as reading, writing and foundational math concepts is obviously a big piece of Pathways. But students can also get up to speed on technology (like internet resources and what their mobile device can do) and acquire college soft skills including how to study, take tests, manage time and communicate better.

"MCC joined forces with Literacy KC on this initiative because we want to give students who are not ready to enroll in credit courses a free way to get remedial instruction while staying connected to the college campus," says Andrea Kolkmeier, MCC continuing education instructional coordinator.

Once a student successfully completes Pathways -- progress is assessed throughout -- the plan is that they will place in a higher-level MCC remedial/developmental course, regular credit courses or a career credential program.

The College and Literacy KC are hoping to sign up 10-12 Pathways students per semester at each campus.

By the way, similar adult literacy programs were offered previously at a couple of our campuses: at MCC-Penn Valley, where it was known as GEARS, and at MCC-Longview, where it was called Scope.

To learn more about Pathways, visit You can also contact MCC Workforce and Economic Development (WED) Enrollment Services: call 816.604.5254 or email