Short-Term Credit Classes

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Classes are starting even after the semester begins:

  • Classes are 5, 8 or 12 weeks long to reach your goals faster
  • You can choose both on-campus and online classes
  • Your earned credits can fast-track your graduation, certificate completion or transfer to another college
  • Adult learners can stay competitive by taking classes while balancing their job, family, and life
  • You can also choose from MCC’s Academic and Career Pathways to explore a career path that’s right for you

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MCC-Penn Valley 2nd 8-Weeks

ANTH 110Cultural Anthropology3 Cr.
CIMM 104Metrology2 Cr.
CIMM 110Manual Lathe Operation3 Cr.
CIMM 115Manual Mill3 Cr.
CRJU 169Family Violence and Sexual Abuse3 Cr.
DENA 100Introduction to Dental Assisting1 Cr.
ECED 220Child Care Management3 Cr.
ECED 262Working With Families & The Community3 Cr.
ETEC 272Advanced Inventor3 Cr.
ENGL 101Composition & Reading I3 Cr.
HIM 100Medical Terminology3 Cr.
HLSC 100Introduction to Health Professions2 Cr.
INTE 113Industrial Electrical AC Principles2 Cr.
INTE 140Fundamentals of Industrial Machine Repair3 Cr.
INTE 175Electric Motor Controls I3 Cr.
MUSI 130Private Instruction I1 Cr.
MUSI 230Private Instruction III1 Cr.
PHED 107Physical Fitness I1 Cr.
PHED 108Physical Fitness II1 Cr.
PHED 109Physical Fitness III1 Cr.
PTHA 171Clinical Seminar2 Cr.
RTCT 200Cross Sectional Anatomy3 Cr.
RTCT 201CT Patient Care2 Cr.
RTCT 202CT Procedures5 Cr.
READ 11Foundations for Academic Reading II3 Cr.
THEA 106Theater Appreciation3 Cr.
WELD 105Welding for the Trades3 Cr.
WELD 130Print Reading & Weld Symbols3 Cr.
WELD 140Shielded Metal Arc Welding I (SMAW) Lecture1 Cr.
WELD 141Shielded Metal Arc Welding I (SMAW) Lab2 Cr.
WELD 160Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I (GTAW) Lecture1 Cr.
WELD 161Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I (GTAW) Lab2 Cr.
WELD 230Layout & Fabrication Lecture1 Cr.
WELD 231Layout & Fabrication Lab2 Cr.
WELD 250Gas Metal Arc Welding II (GMAW) Lecture1 Cr.
WELD 251Gas Metal Arc Welding II (GMAW) Lab2 Cr.
WELD 270Flux Core Arc Welding I (FCAW) Lecture1 Cr.
WELD 271Flux Core Arc Welding I (FCAW) Lab2 Cr.

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