Short-Term Credit Classes

You have the flexibility to get ahead

Classes are starting even after the semester begins:

  • Classes are 5, 8 or 12 weeks long to reach your goals faster
  • You can choose both on-campus and online classes
  • Your earned credits can fast-track your graduation, certificate completion or transfer to another college
  • Adult learners can stay competitive by taking classes while balancing their job, family, and life
  • You can also choose from MCC’s Academic and Career Pathways to explore a career path that’s right for you

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Internet Classes 1st 8-Weeks

ACCT 100Introduction to Accounting3 Cr.
ACCT 101Accounting Principles I3 Cr.
ART 108Survey of Art3 Cr.
BIOL 101General Biology5 Cr.
BIOL 132Human Nutrition3 Cr.
BIOL 150Medical Terminology2 Cr.
BUSN 100Introduction to Business3 Cr.
BUSN 105Business Communications3 Cr.
BUSN 107Organizational Behavior3 Cr.
BUSN 150Marketing3 Cr.
BUSN 151Consumer Behavior3 Cr.
BUSN 160Field Experience I3 Cr.
BUSN 190Personal Finance3 Cr.
BUSN 200Business Management3 Cr.
BUSN 212Transportation Management3 Cr.
BUSN 240Human Resources Management3 Cr.
BUSN 270Legal Environment of Business3 Cr.
COMM 100Fundamentals of Speech3 Cr.
COMM 102Fundamentals of Human Communication3 Cr.
CSIS 110Information Technology Fundamentals3 Cr.
CSIS 111Computer Hardware, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting3 Cr.
CSIS 115Computer Concepts and Applications3 Cr.
CSIS 128Web Development3 Cr.
CSIS 152Linux Operating System3 Cr.
CSIS 170Principles of Information Security3 Cr.
CSIS 230Windows Server and Active Directory Fundamentals3 Cr.
CSIS 280Penetration Testing3 Cr.
CRJU 101Introduction to Criminal Justice3 Cr.
ECON 210Macroeconomics3 Cr.
ECON 211Microeconomics3 Cr.
EDUC 215Children's Literature for Elementary Teachers3 Cr.
EDUC 280Educational Technology3 Cr.
ENGL 101Composition & Reading I3 Cr.
ENGL 102Composition & Reading II3 Cr.
ENGL 214Introduction to Fiction3 Cr.
ENGL 218Introduction to Literature3 Cr.
ENGL 268Women's Literature3 Cr.
GEOG 104Principles of Physical Geography5 Cr.
GEOG 105World Geography3 Cr.
GEOG 113Cultural/Human Geography3 Cr.
GEOL 101Physical Geology5 Cr.
HIM 100Medical Terminology3 Cr.
HLSC 100Introduction to Health Professions2 Cr.
HIST 120United States History to 18653 Cr.
HIST 121United States History since 18653 Cr.
HIST 133Foundations of Western Civilization3 Cr.
HIST 134Modern Western Civilization3 Cr.
MATH 115Statistics3 Cr.
MATH 120College Algebra3 Cr.
MUSI 108Music Appreciation3 Cr.
MUSI 116Evolution of Jazz3 Cr.
PHIL 100Introduction to Philosophy3 Cr.
PTHA 164Pediatrics and Gerontology2 Cr.
PHYS 101Introductory Physics4 Cr.
POLS 136Introduction to U.S. National Politics3 Cr.
PSYC 140General Psychology3 Cr.
PSYC 243Human Lifespan Development4 Cr.
SOCI 160Sociology3 Cr.
SOCI 163Contemporary Social Issues3 Cr.
SPAN 101Elementary Spanish I5 Cr.
THEA 106Theater Appreciation3 Cr.

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