Foundation of Assessment

At MCC, curriculum-wide student learning outcomes (SLOs) have been established for all courses. These outcomes are the basis of an ongoing cycle of inquiry, assessment, and improvement. Continuous, regular  assessment of student achievement of these outcomes is used to shape improvement strategies and highlights our responsibility to our students and their learning.

Providing data to make evidenced-based decisions pertaining to curriculum, instruction, and the resources needed in the process, assessment is critical to fulfilling the mission of the college as well as supporting the vision of the institution which is " MCC will be the Kansas City region’s college of choice where all are encouraged to learn, discover and engage."

MCC principles of assessment

  1. Assessment is a tool for the improvement of student learning and is most effective when it is based upon a variety of methodologies and ongoing and regularly implemented.
  2. Assessment is an instructional, academic issue developed and owned by faculty which demonstrates their accountability for student learning.
  3. Assessment results will not be used to judge departments and programs against one another, nor will it be used for evaluation of individual faculty. Assessment data will be shared in an aggregate fashion when looking at student outcomes.
  4. Assessment depends upon a commitment by the institution and a dedication of support and resources.