MCC Code of Conduct

The Board of Trustees expects that persons enrolling at Metropolitan Community College conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the educational purpose of instruction. Students have the obligation to abide by federal and state statutes and municipal ordinances, especially those that govern conduct on college campuses and at college functions. Furthermore, the Board expects students to conform to board policies, district regulations and district procedures. Finally, students are expected to demonstrate academic honesty and integrity at all times.

Because the Board has the obligation to maintain an environment conducive to learning and the pursuit of knowledge, the Chancellor is authorized to develop a regulation that describes the conduct expected of students and set forth disciplinary actions to be taken against those who fail to conform to that standard.

MCC's code of student conduct

The purpose of the Metropolitan Community College Code of Student Conduct is to educate students on their rights and responsibilities as college community members to facilitate an understanding of the balance between individual and college rights; and to promote a safe and inclusive atmosphere conducive to student success.

Download the MCC Code of Conduct

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

The MCC Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) works to increase communication flow about student issues amongst and between colleagues, departments and campuses. It serves as an expression of MCC's concern about the safety, health and well-being of students, staff and faculty. It serves to uphold policies that address activities that are disruptive to our mission or our learning environments, as well as any suicidal or self-injurious threats or behaviors.

If you notice/observe any behavior that meets the description above, please report it immediately to the Dean of Students on your respective campus or submit an MCC Cares report.

Call the Information Center at 816.604.1000 for more information.