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State Funding Programs

Institute for Workforce Innovation
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Telephone: 816.604.1000
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Career Training for Me

Training for Employees


 Missouri State Training Program

Metropolitan Community College serves as a local educational agency for the Missouri Works Training Program. Missouri Works assists business with funding in support of their needs. For more information and to complete an initial eligibility screening, please visit or the Institute for Workforce Innovation at or 816.604.1000. 

Kansas State Training Funds

Investments in Major Projects and Comprehensive Training (IMPACT)
The IMPACT program is designed to respond to the training and capital requirements of major business expansions and locations in the state of Kansas. Under certain circumstances, IMPACT may also be used for job retention projects. IMPACT has two major components: SKILL (State of Kansas Investments in Lifelong Learning) and MPI (Major Project Investment). SKILL funds may be used to pay for expenses related to training a new, and under certain instances, an existing workforce. MPI funds may be used for other expenses related to the project, such as the purchase or relocation of equipment, labor recruitment, or building costs. 

IMPACT costs are financed through tax exempt, public purpose bonds issued by the Kansas Development Finance Authority. These bonds are retired through the revenue received from statewide employer withholding taxes.

Company Eligibility
New and expanding basic enterprises (individual firms or consortiums of businesses) that are creating new jobs, IMPACT is typically reserved for projects involving at least 100 new jobs at a higher-than-average wage. The IMPACT program may also be used for job retention projects that have compelling economic benefit for Kansas. Minimum requirements to qualify: 250 jobs in metropolitan counties, 100 in all other counties.

Eligible Costs 
Instructor’s salaries; travel, meals, and lodging; textbooks; supplies and materials; minor equipment; certain utility costs; temporary training facilities; and curriculum planning and development. Also, up to 50 percent of funds may be used to lease or purchase training equipment for local educational institutions. Ten percent of the total workforce training funds committed to each project is set-aside in the workforce solutions trust fund to help workforce training institutions throughout the state respond more effectively to business needs. The MPI component allows a portion of total funds to be used for relocation expenses, labor recruitment, building purchases, equipment, etc.

How to Apply 
The company should contact I.W.I. to jointly submit a proposal. KS DOC staff negotiates a funding amount based on the level of training required, the efficiency of the project, and the quality of the jobs. Company must receive approval from the Secretary of Commerce to make application.

High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP)

Program Details
The High Performance Incentive Program provides tax incentives to employers that pay above-average wages and have a strong commitment to skills development for their workers. This program recognizes the need for Kansas companies to remain competitive and encourages capital investment in facilities, technology and continued employee training and education. A substantial investment tax credit for new capital investment in Kansas and a related sales tax exemption are the primary benefits of this program.

HPIP offers employers four potential benefits:

  • 10% income tax credit for eligible capital investment that exceeds $50,000 at a company’s facility, with a carry-forward that can be used in any of the next 10 years in which the qualified facility re-qualifies for HPIP.
  • Sales tax exemption to use in conjunction with the company’s eligible capital investment at its qualified facility
  • Training tax credit of up to $50,000.
  • Priority consideration for access to other business assistance programs.

How to Apply
To learn more about the training incentive available through this program, the company should contact Metropolitan Community College’s Institute for Workforce Innovation.

Last Modified: 6/1/18