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Industry needs a prepared workforce, and MCC is pleased to work with companies in its service area to meet that need. 


MCC offers many ways to connect to apprentices. Students cannot become an apprentice until they are hired by a company, but we have events like speed interviews, career fairs, and open houses where industry partners are welcome to meet potential hires. 

Companies like Ford and (other companies) sponsor their own apprenticeship programs, but still have a close relationship with MCC as the provider of the coursework for their apprentices.

For companies that do not have the resources to sponsor their own apprentices, MCC can provide that service, bridging the Department of Labor and its reporting requirements with the specific needs and details of an employer’s context. MCC adds the personal touch. We can customize the classes and on the job training a company’s apprenticeship requires, so the worker is prepared to meet your needs. We visit sites and deliver textbooks right to your offices. We provide training for clients in how to mentor apprentices. Our responsive staff is ready to make your apprenticeship program a positive experience for everyone involved.

Career Programs

Our CTE programs have advisory boards where industry professionals evaluate curriculum decisions and develop partnerships with those who are training the workforce. If you want to provide your experience and understanding of workforce needs for today and tomorrow, we want to hear from you.

MCC is also at the forefront of initiatives to increase the profile of CTE education at high schools and career centers, understanding that as we gain successes we will also expand our influence to attract younger students to orient towards a future in these industries. If you have resources and personnel interested in joining these efforts, we can provide a partnership and a level of access so you do not have to start from scratch.

Continuing Education

If your employees need Continuing Education Units, we offer affordable classes both online and in the classroom. We understand the importance of maintaining licensure, and our accredited institution offers credit and non-credit solutions to meet your needs. We work with police, firefighters, EMTs, nurses, and more, offering flexible solutions to help professionals stay current in an ever-changing workplace.

We have the Great Plains OSHA Education Center that coordinates OSHA training in four states.

MCC Community Education offers accessible education to people in to the Kansas City area. If you want an experienced and local partner engaged in the life of the community, we are open to working together to offer events and services to the public.

Corporate College

The Corporate College partners with local business and industry of all sizes to assess learning needs, discuss training options, and determine the best training solutions to achieve their business objectives. We specialize in customized training, assessments, training coordination, and business consulting. We provide services that are affordable, flexible, convenient, and excellent quality. 

As leaders in workforce training, our Corporate College is a perfect fit to handle your business training needs by synchronizing effective industry practices with the resources of an accredited academic institution. We want to contribute to your success and growth by proving opportunities to attract, hire, and retain a highly skilled, motivated, and flexible workforce.

Economic Development

If you need to train or retrain your workforce, Missouri may have funds to help. This team focuses on helping connect companies with government resources to continue strengthening the workforce in Kansas City.

If you have something in mind regarding Workforce and Economic Development in the Kansas City area but are not sure how it fits into the big picture, you can contact any of these team leaders and they can assist you. The holistic approach our team brings to workforce education means we can evaluate your needs and offer our best solutions.