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MCC will distribute resources in accordance with activities that promote student success as related to the aforementioned guiding principles.

Strategic Objectives

  • Revise MCC’s budgeting process to align resources with strategic priorities;
  • Identify potential service markets and develop expansion projects
  • Develop annexation plan for taxing districts within MCC’s service area.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Increase online offerings by 10 new courses a year.
    • Action: MCC is now offering courses in Cass County with an enrollment of over 100 students in fall 2012.
    • Action: MCC will offer courses in St. Joseph beginning fall 2013 with an expected enrollment of 300-400 students.
    • Action: MCC is developing additional online classes
  • Increase contributions through foundation and major gifts campaigns.
  • Demonstrate reallocation of ZBB savings to strategic vision.
    • Action: MCC has enacted Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) which aligns the college's budget with those programs that are most closely aligned with the strategic vision. As of November 2012, $1.4 million has been identified as potential funds for reallocation to high priority areas or projects.
    • Action: As part of ZBB, an IT audit was conducted to identify areas of improvement to better serve the needs of all constituents.
      • 7 recommendations are in progress:
        • $180,000 in one-time expenses
        • $262,000 in annual ongoing savings
      • 19 remaining recommendations to be reviewed:
        • $310,000 in one-time expenses
        • $515,000 in annual, ongoing savings


Last Modified: 6/1/18