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MCC shall endeavor to implement actions that promote an increase in percentages and total numbers of students graduating with associate degrees of all types, certificates, licensure and satisfaction of industry-accepted standards of career credentials.

Strategic Objectives

  • Develop curriculum, scholarships and articulation agreements to attract outstanding high school students to MCC’s Honors Program;
  • Increase the success rates of students in developmental courses and sequences;
  • Revise career and technical programs as well as, workforce development programs to meet the needs of area employers; and increase the number of students who graduate from these programs;
  • Increase the aggregate number of MCC graduates and transfers to meet current and future expectations of completion initiatives. 

Key Performance Indicators

  • Increase the # of degrees and certificates granted per year
  • Achieve the goal of 18,625 degrees by 2020
  • Show improvement on MCCA Performance Indicator of Completion/Transfer for First Time Full Time Degree Seeking Students within three years.
  • Meet strategic goals of MoWins grants for enrolling credit and noncredit students as well as their post program goals.
  • Increase percent of Developmental Education students who successfully complete last developmental education writing and successfully complete first college level writing course.
  • Increase percent of Developmental Education students who successfully complete last developmental education math and successfully complete first college level math course.
  • Increase the number of students who successfully complete the developmental education sequence and then complete a degree or certificate.
MCC projects related to the Completion Priority
College 100 - First Year Semester - COLL 100 is a student retention focused course designed to help students adjust to the MCC community, develop a better understanding of the learning process, and acquire essential academic survival skills. Student success is being measured by how they are retained through gateway courses and through their completion goal.

Resources for COLL 100 students:

  • The Peer Leaders program recruits exemplary students to serve as role models for first year students
  • New Student Orientation gets students oriented to help make day one a success
MoHealthWINs and MOManufacturingWINs - Missouri Health and Missouri Manufacturing grants allow MCC to establish stackable credentials for students who want to gain a skill and go to work quickly. They can embark on lifelong learning by continually building on these skill sets with additional courses, certifications or degrees. The 4 priorities of these grant programs are to:
  • Accelerate progress for low-skilled, and other students
  • Improve retention and achievement rates and reduce time to completion
  • Build programs to meet industry needs, including developing career pathways
  • Strengthen online and technology-enabled learning

Completion Agenda - MCC had 1,787 graduates in May 2012, up from 1,611 number in May 2011. The goal for MCC in 2020 is a cumulative 18,625 graduates. MCC is actively involved in researching and/or implementing reverse transfer, degree planning for students and mandatory advising models to reach this goal.

Institute for Workforce Innovation (IWI) - IWI provides an entry point for career education, creating programming that serves regional workforce needs for both workers and employers. In collaboration with third-party agencies and other partner organizations, IWI provides job skills and employability training for in-demand careers. Students receive support services that include academic, social and financial assistance, as well as connections to job opportunities. In many cases, IWI job training programs create the pathway for students to continue their educational pursuits, contributing to the completion goals.



Last Modified: 6/1/18