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Electronic Databases:
1.What is a Library Online Catalog (Kansas City Catalog)?
 an online version of the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature
 a database used to locate books at Penn Valley Library and other libraries
 Database that lets librarians monitor what patrons are reading
2.What is a "keyword"?
 results found using a search engine
 a password that protects your privacy
  word or phrase that may appear in an article title, abstract, or text
3.Once you have chosen a topic, which of the following are steps necessary in designing a search strategy?
 choose an appropriate database (book, periodical, etc.)
 narrow or broaden the topic as needed
 all of the above
4.Keyword and Subject are two standard ways to:
 cite information
 review data
 search for information
5.To "cite a source" found on an electronic database means:
 printing the article out
 downloading the article onto a diskette
 writing down the bibliographic information
6.Subscription-based databases differ from web sites in which of the following ways?
 databases offer articles that were previously published in print books and periodicals
 the library pays subscription fees to make databases accessible to students
 all of the above
7.Books in the library are arranged by:
 copyright date
 fiction and nonfiction
 Dewey decimal number
8.The best way to find books on your research topic is to:
 wander around the library until you find something useful
 use Kansas City Catalog
 use the internet
9.When evaluating a web site for current information, which of the following should you consider?
 content is up to date or recent
 date of last update is clearly indicated
 all of the above
10.When evaluating a web site for authority, which of the following should you consider?
 author or organization's name and credentials are included
 ability to contact author/developer and verify legitimacy
 all of the above
11.When evaluating a web site for accuracy, which of the following should you consider?
 punctuation, grammar and spelling are accurate
 source of information is indicated
 all of the above
12.What elements help in evaluating information?
 accuracy, authority, and currency
 size, format, and appearance
 quantity, length, and display
13.Peer-reviewed or refereed means the scholarly journal has:
 well-written and informative articles
 articles that were examined by an editorial board before being approved for publishing
 articles that were recently written
14.Scholarly journals differ from popular magazines in which of the following ways?
 scholarly journals are filled with consumer ads
 scholarly journals are peer-reviewed
 scholarly journals are published once a month