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Disability Support Services:

Accommodation Request Form for Returning MCC Students

Please note: You must be enrolled before completing this request each semester.

Disability Support Services Contact Numbers
MCC-Blue River: 816.604.6569
MCC-Business & Technology: 816.604.5491
MCC-Longview: 816.604.2254
MCC-Maple Woods: 816.604.3192
MCC-Penn Valley: 816.604.4293

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About You
Enrollment Info

MCC-Blue River
MCC-Business & Technology
MCC-Maple Woods
MCC-Penn Valley

I am enrolled in at least one online class next semester

Additional Required Questions

The following four points MUST apply in order for you to submit this online request for accommodation. Please read the following and check the boxes. If you need to make changes to any previous accommodation, please contact your campus Disability Support Services office.

I am enrolled for the summer 2021 semester.*
I am enrolled for the fall 2021 semester.*
I am enrolled for the spring 2022 semester.*

summer 2021
fall 2021
spring 2022

I have used accommodations before at an MCC campus within the last 2 years.*

I want to use the same accommodations that I used last semester.*

I have renewed my accommodations for this semester but have added/dropped classes. Please update my original renewal for this semester.

After submitting your renewal form online you will receive an email from the DSS you are seeking accommodations for notifying receipt of your email.

You will receive an email and/or phone call within three weeks of receipt request notification, notifying you to pick up your accommodations. You will need a picture I.D. to pick up your accommodations.

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