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MCC-Penn Valley Tutoring Policies

All MCC physical locations are closed and will continue to provide online resources and services. We have compiled all information regarding essential resources in one place. Visit for complete and up-to-date information.

The SSC strives to maintain a professional but comfortable environment that is conducive to learning. As a courtesy to other students, faculty & staff, we ask that you please observe the following policies when using our facility.


Most of our resources have open availability (first-come, first-serve basis) for use within our facility at any time. Some materials, such as calculators and some textbooks, may be held at the front desk.  A valid student ID or driver's license must be presented to check out laptops, dry erase markers, business kits, calculators, headphones and textbooks. Please see SSC staff for assistance.

Study Spaces

The SSC has a variety of study spaces available for individual and small group study. These spaces are mostly available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you need to ensure availability for yourself or a group, please speak with the SSC front desk about a possible reservation. The spaces that may be reserved include:

  • Conference room with a seating capacity 6 (mobile dry erase board* can be made available)
  • 3 collaboration rooms, each with a seating capacity of 6 & a dry erase board*
  • 3 study rooms, each with a seating capacity of 4 & a dry erase board*
  • Classroom with a seating capacity of 25 people, instructor computer with projector, and large dry erase board*
  • Seminar room with a seating capacity of 20 people and large dry erase board*
  • *dry erase markers can be checked out at the front desk

Computer & Technology Use

The SSC houses 7 desktop computer stations. Laptops are available for checkout from the front desk but must be used within the SSC or Library; no laptops are to leave the SSC or Library facilities. Additional desktop computers are available for use in the Library and Academic Computer Lab (HU103). 

Students are expected to follow the Acceptable Use Policy for internet & computer usage. See SSC staff or visit the Techline page if you need assistance. 

It is expected that headphones or earbuds will be used for any audible files, videos, music, etc. Anything that is played aloud will result in you being asked to use headphones or earbuds, or to turn it off entirely. For your convenience, headphones may be checked out from the SSC front desk to be used within our facility.

It is expected that any student occupying one of the desktop computer stations be actively utilizing the computer. The computers are in high demand so please be courteous of others. If you are not utilizing the computer, please move to one of the many seating options that are available where you can work from a laptop or without a computer. SSC staff reserves the right to request that you move away from the computer stations.


Printing is available in the SSC, from the desktop and laptop computers.  To save resources & maximize your 200 free pages, we encourage responsible printing. Additional copies may be purchased at the Penn Valley Library or by using a credit card through your PaperCut account. Please see SSC staff for assistance with printing, including PaperCut questions.  PLEASE RECYCLE!

Food & Drink

For your convenience, food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in the SSCPlease be courteous to others by disposing of all trash in the receptacles available, and cleaning up any messes that you make.

Cell Phones

Cell phones should remain on silent or vibrate while in the SSC. Talking on cell phones is discouraged in the SSC, as it is disruptive to our learning environment. If you must take a phone call, please do so in the SSC reception area or step into the hallway.

Children & Outside Guests

For security purposes and to respect our study environment, no children or outside guests of students are permitted. Guests accompanied by an MCC employee are allowed; all other guests will be asked to wait in the SSC reception area (children cannot be left unattended).

Personal Items

The Student Success Center is not liable for damage or loss of any personal items; leaving items unattended is done so at your own risk. "Holding" study rooms or computer stations by leaving your personal items in the room or at the station is not allowed.  Any student who will be away from the study room, computer station or any other SSC area for more than 10 minutes is expected to remove their personal belongings so others may use the area. Personal items may not be left at the front desk.

Conduct Expectations

The Student Success Center is an area that promotes student success in a variety of ways and it is our mission is to maintain an environment that is conducive to learning, focus and productivity. Therefore, it is expected that any student utilizing our facility and services will conduct themselves appropriately for a learning environment, in accordance with the MCC Student Code of Conduct. SSC staff reserves the right to collect information such as name and student ID numbers from anyone disrupting the learning environment or otherwise violating the code of conduct. Repeat violations by the same individuals may lead to a referral to the MCC Dean of Students.