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Distance Tutoring by Skype

What to Expect from a Skype Session

As with any other tutoring session, your Skype session will be a one-on-one conference with a writing tutor in the Maple Woods Writing Lab. The tutor will offer suggestions, ask questions, provide options, and generally facilitate the same type of tutoring session you would have if you had come to the Writing Lab in person. This also means that your tutor will not proofread your document, so your paper may not be entirely error-free by the end of your session. Your tutor will provide the best services possible for the time available.

Minimum requirements for a Skype session

The first thing you will need is a reliable web connection.

If you don’t already have it, you will need to download the free Skype software. Follow the prompts on the Skype website to install the program on your computer. You will also need a microphone (at minimum) and a webcam (strongly preferred). Access to Google Docs is also required. During your tutoring session, you and your tutor will be able to use this website make edits or suggestions in real time on your document.

How to Make an Appointment

To schedule a Skype tutoring session, call the Learning Center at Maple Woods: 816-604-3190. After you have made your appointment, send an email to The email must contain the following:

When a Writing Lab tutor receives your essay, he or she will share it with you via Google Docs. The tutor will not share your essay unless you have scheduled a Skype appointment. The Writing Lab does not provide tutoring by email.

Making Sure You’re Ready for Your Appointment

At least one hour before your first Skype session, make sure you have installed the software correctly and tested the microphone and camera. In Skype, add "MCC Maple Woods Writing Center" to your contacts list.

When It’s Time for Your Appointment

At least five minutes before your appointment, log in to your Google Docs account (and Skype, if you have not already done so.) If your document is not already shared between you and your tutor, your tutor will send you a message sharing your file back with you.

When it’s time for your appointment, place a video call to the MCC Maple Woods Writing Center in Skype. It is your responsibility to make the call. Open your essay file in Docs and make sure you can see the Maple Woods Writing Center icon near the top right of your document. (If you can’t, your tutor will help you open the correct document.)

You must call no later than ten minutes from the scheduled time for your Skype session to begin. If you do not call within that time, you will lose your Skype appointment. If you know you will not be able to make your Skype call, please call the Learning Center to cancel or reschedule.

After Your Session

Your tutor will fill out a Tutoring Conferencing form, a copy of which will be sent to your instructor. If you need a copy of the form in person, you must visit the Writing Lab.

If you wish to make another appointment for Skype tutoring, your tutor can help you with that before you finish your call, or you can call the Learning Center at 816-604-3190.

Last Modified: 5/12/16