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MCC-Business & Technology Math Tutoring

Math tutoring is available for all MCC math courses*. Access to math textbooks, student solution guides, a variety of helpful handouts, and computer assisted tutorials are also available. Note: we generally only have textbooks and student solution guides for those math courses offered at BT. Students may choose to form their own study groups or to work independently with assistance provided by Learning Specialists as needed. Students may be tutored individually or in groups.

*In general, no appointment is needed for math tutoring. However, for statistics (Math 115) tutoring as well as tutoring for Math 120 and above, we strongly encourage calling first or making arrangements in advance to ensure necessary support is available. 

For more information, contact 816.604.5232

Review and Practice Links


Basic Math Skills

Exponents, Radicals, & Logarithms

Fractions and Percents




Math Study Skills

Math 120

Math 130



Word Problems

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Last Modified: 1/15/20