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Technical Support

Blackboard - FAQs

Blackboard is the online course-management system used at MCC. It is the primary means of communication for online courses, and is often used to supplement face-to-face classes.

Blackboard provides instructors a platform to electronically deliver class content, using online tools for functions such as managing assignments, delivering assessments, facilitating discussions, and posting or viewing grades.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to Blackboard?

Blackboard is accessible by selecting the Blackboard option after logging into your myMCCKC account. It can also be accessed directly by logging into Your user-id format is and your password is the same as your myMCCKC account. For login assistance, including password problems, contact MCC Student Technical Support in the Information Center at 816.604.1000 option 3.

I can log in, but can't see one or more classes.

Classes are not visible until the start date of the course. If you are having trouble viewing your course, contact your instructor.

What browsers are supported with Blackboard?

Internet Explorer is not a recommended browser with the version of Blackboard that MCC currently uses. Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari are recommended.

Where can I go for Blackboard help?

To find answers to Blackboard questions, there are many resources available to MCC students.

    • Look on the Student Resources tab in Blackboard, and find the "How Do I..." section. Answers to many common question can be found there.
    • Contact the 24/7 help desk at, or phone number 888.296.6136 for Blackboard Student Support Services
    • For instructor support, email the Distance Education which will prompt a help desk ticket.

Technical Requirements

MCC online courses are designed with the expectation that students will have regular access to current computer technology, up-to-date software, and a reliable broadband internet connection. Some courses require additional software installation; students must be able to install the necessary software on their computer to successfully complete the course. MCC cannot guarantee that all required course software will be available on campus computers.

I can log in from home, but not at work.

Different firewalls, software, or other settings on a computer can prevent Blackboard from operating correctly. Changes to computer settings can be difficult at work. Contact your IT staff at work to see if adjustments can be made.

Is there a service outage?

Students are notified of planned Blackboard outages through their student email account. Unexpected outages will be posted on Blackboard's log in page and an email will be sent when it is identified that there is an issue.

Why am I no longer able to log in to Blackboard?

Current Students: Your myMCCKC password may need to be re-synchronized. Follow these steps to sync your passwords between the myMCCKC and Blackboard systems.

  1. Log into myMCCKC.
  2. On the bottom left, select "Manage Passwords".
  3. Select "Synchronize System Passwords."
  4. Follow instructions to complete the process. We suggest waiting upwards of 1 hour before logging into Blackboard or your student email after completing this process.

New and Returning Students: Your Blackboard account will activate/reactivate on the first day of classes for your first/return semester.