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MCC Campus(es):
MCC-Penn Valley, Health Science Institute
MCC-Maple-Woods | St. Joseph

MCC-Penn Valley: Nicole Fuller

Application Deadline: February 15

  1. Apply to Metropolitan Community College. To apply is free of charge. This must be done before you can have any transcripts submitted to MCC.
  2. Submit all non-MCCKC official transcripts to the Student Data Center.
    • If you have previous college courses at an institution other that MCC, submit the transcripts to the MCC Student Data Center, 3200 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111. The Student Data Center will determine course equivalencies and post them to your MCC transcript. Note that it may take a few weeks for transcripts to be sent and received. Therefore, do not wait too long to send transcripts, as they may not be received by the Feb 15 deadline and thus affect your application status.
    • Once all transcripts have been processed by MCC, upload an MCC advising (unofficial) transcript to the radiologic technology program along with your application. This transcript can be obtained through the academic advising office or accessed in your student center.
  3. Verify eligibility to apply to the program. Eligible applicants have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Eligible applicants must have completed or be enrolled in the following prerequisites by the application deadline. Prerequisites must be completed prior to the start of classes in the Summer semester and acceptance is contingent upon successful completion with a minimum grade of "C".
    • MATH 120 or a higher level algebra course (must be taken within the past 5 years
    • ENGL 101
    • Highly recommended taking Human Anatomy (BIOL 110) & Human Physiology (BIOL 210) prior to beginning the program, if possible. (Pre-req. of BIOL 110 & BIOL 210 is CHEM 105)
    • BIOL 150 Medical Terminology or HIM 100 Medical Terminology
    • Human Anatomy & Human Physiology (must be taken within the past 5 years).
    • ACT/SAT scores will not be accepted in place of ACCUPLACER® scores.
  4. Achieve placement test minimum scores. Based on scores, the prospective applicant would need to take and pass the indicated courses before they would be eligible to apply to the program. The scores are as follows:
Placement Test Scores Table
Subject ACT1 Require Class(s) Accuplacer
Require Class(s) Accuplacer
Require Class(s)
*MATH 1-14 & HS GPA1 MATH 31 20-40 MATH 31 200-2402 MATH 31
15 & HS GPA1 MATH 95 41-90 MATH 95 241-3002 MATH 95
18 & HS GPA MATH 120 91 MATH 120 2Quantitative, Reasoning, Algebra, & Stats (QAS) level
1For additional ACT math scores & HS GPA questions contact your assigned academic advisor 2373 MATH 120
3Advance Algebra & Functions (AAF) level
*Some programs require more math than others. Contact your assigned academic advisor for further discussion.
*Writing 1-17 English placement undetermined 20-541 ENGL 80 200-2312 ENGL 80
80-85 and reading required
ENGL 90 232-2412
242-245 and reading required
18-36 ENGL 101 80-85 and no reading required
ENGL 101 242-245 and no reading required
ENGL 101
  1Must take MCC Writing test (essay) 2Must take MCC Writing test (essay)
*Contact your assigned academic advisor for further discussion.
*Reading 1-17 Reading placement test undetermined 20-44 READ 10 200-229 READ 10
45-71 READ 11 230-247 READ 11
72-84 READ 100 248-255 READ 100
18-36 No reading 85-120 No reading 256-300 No reading
*Reading scores must be current when submitting an application.
ESL Placement Test Scores
Reading Language Listening
110 100 81


  • All applicants must have a current (less than three years old) ACT or ACCUPLACER reading score in order to be consider for the program.
  • If you completed the required math, writing, and reading courses with at least a "C" letter grade, the courses do not need to be retaken even if you need to retake the ACCUPLACER test.
  • If you are a current, returning, or transfer student, and have completed Engl 101 and Math 120 with at least a "C" letter grade, you only need to retake the reading section of the ACCUPPLACER test if scores are over three years or no previous scores on record.
  • If you have completed or tested out of ESL, you are expected to take and complete Read 100 with at least a "C" letter grade or scored 110 on the ESL reading section of ACCUPLACER test (less than three years old).
  1. Complete a radiology in-class or in-lab observation. Observations must be within the past six months of the application deadline. Observation opportunities are available in the MCC Health Science Institute (3444 Broadway Blvd., Kansas City, MO) during normal class hours 8:00am-4:30pm. To secure a date and time for an observation contact Mrs. Terry McDaniel or by phone 816.604.4232. Note: On the day of your scheduled observation, please arrive 15 minutes early to Health Science Room 410 to obtain an in-class observation form and location of the classroom to attend. At the completion of the observation have the instructor sign the form. This form must be submitted with the program application.
  2. Complete the online program student application form.
    • To logon, use your mcc email in this format. For example, (omit "student").
    • Use the online application to apply to MCC Penn Valley and/or Maple Woods | St. Joseph
    • DO NOT include any additional materials such as letters of recommendation, cover letters, etc. with your program application. These will not be evaluated and will not positively impact your selection to the program.
    • No applicant files will be reviewed until after the February 15 deadline. Due to the large number of applicants, the program is unable to provide confirmation letters/ emails/ or phone calls as applications are received, and the file completed.
  3. Applicant selection is based on metrics determined by:
    • Academic performance, including but not limited to, the number of prerequisite courses completed and grade performance in each course.
    • Scores on the required assessment exams (ACCUPLACER, ACT).
    • Attending a radiography program class lecture or laboratory session.
    • Documentation of prior health care experience.