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MCC Campus(es):
MCC-Blue River Police Academy
MCC-Maple Woods
MCC-Penn Valley

Police Academy: 816.604.6700

LWEN 101 - Introduction to Law Enforcement  3 credits

Philosophical and historical background of law enforcement. Organization, purpose and functions of law enforcement personnel on the local, state and federal levels. The respective roles of personnel in law enforcement, career requirements and opportunities in these fields.

LWEN 111 - Law Enforcement Operational Procedures  3 credits

This course will present to the student the duties, responsibilities and techniques of modern law enforcement patrol activities. Types of patrol vehicle stops, field interviews, community policing and procedures for handling various types of calls for service.

LWEN 112 - Traffic control and Investigation  3 credits

This course will present fundamentals of traffic control and accident investigation. Regulation, control, and enforcement of traffic laws and municipal ordinances will be presented and discussed. Procedures for response, evaluating, protecting and investigating accident scenes will be integrated into the course.

LWEN 114 - Law Enforcement Report Writing  3 credits

History and practical examination of law enforcement report writing and introduction to homeland security. Familiarity with various report forms and how they are utilized. Development of successful interviewing skills. Construction of accurate, complete reports which can be utilized for crime analysis and prosecution in court.

LWEN 122 - Procedural Law for Law Enforcement  3 credits

This course presents the fundamental concepts of constitutional law as applied to law enforcement. Rules of evidence, admissions and confessions, Miranda, arrest procedures, and search and seizure issues will be taught. A review of relevant case law and how it affects contemporary law enforcement practices will also be presented.

LWEN 143 - Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement   4 credits

This course is designed to instruct students in basic physical fitness and defensive tactics for law enforcement.

LWEN 200 - Law Enforcement Skills  5 credits

This course provides students with opportunities to gain skill development in usage of firearms under the supervision of professionals with experience in the law enforcement field.

LWEN 203 - Criminal Investigation I for Law Enforcement   3 credits

This course will present an introduction to law enforcement criminal investigations. This course presents theory of investigation, procedures at a crime scene, collection and preservation of physical evidence, source of information, questioning of witnesses and suspects, preliminary and follow-up investigation, and case and trial preparation.

LWEN 204 - Criminal Investigation II for Law Enforcement  3 credits

This course will present to the student the appropriate methods to be utilized in the investigation of County and Municipal offenses. This course will also give the student practical knowledge to deal with Crisis Intervention.

LWEN 230 - Missouri Statutory Law  3 credits

This course will present to the student definition and practical application of the Missouri Criminal Statutes. Difference between criminal and civil matters will also be discussed. Students will gain knowledge of juvenile justice procedures.

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