Auditions and an interview are required prior to participating with the chorale. They are conducted at the same time and are held either the second rehearsal of the semester or by appointment. You will be asked to sing a simple tune such as “My Country Tis of Thee” and sing up and down the scale. The audition will help the conductor hear your ability to match pitches as well as clarify any questions you may have about the chorale.
No, there are many people in the chorale who do read music and they will help those who don’t. You are, however, responsible to know your music in a timely fashion regardless of your music reading ability.
Credit enrollment is for singers who want college credit for singing in the chorale. Non-credit or community education is for singers who do not want college credit. Credit singers will receive a grade for the semester (requirements are in the class syllabus), non-credit singers do not receive a grade.

Credit singers pay one credit hour’s worth of tuition for the Metropolitan Community Colleges each semester as well as a lab fee. Enrollment forms will be available at rehearsals. Scholarships are available, please contact the conductor for information.
Non-credit singers pay $25 per semester.

Blue River Community College is bursting at the seams with students and the parking lots can get very full. You can park in any lot except for the faculty/staff.
Chorale updates are sent via email. Be sure to check your email on a regular basis. Any emergency situations, such as the unlikely event of canceling a rehearsal, will be communicated via email/text if possible or via section leaders through the telephone. If the campus is closed due to bad weather there will be no rehearsal. Campus closings are communicated through television. You may also call/text your section leader or chorale manager for any other information.  We also use our facebook page to communicate.
Contact the conductor or the chorale manager prior to rehearsal. If you must miss more than two rehearsals during the semester or if you must miss the dress rehearsal, you must contact the conductor. If you must miss the performance, you must contact the conductor prior. Missing the dress rehearsal without prior permission from the conductor may result in not being allowed to sing in the performance and a lowered grade for credit seeking students.
Dress rehearsal is the last rehearsal prior to the performance. It is often quite intense, sometimes goes longer than normal rehearsals, and is usually at the performance venue. You do not need to come dressed in concert attire, but you should come warmed-up, focused, and prepared for a rigorous rehearsal.
The details of the chorale performance outfits will be discussed in rehearsal, however, for formal performances men wear tuxedos; women wear ankle length, long sleeved black dresses. Other performances may require a simple costume such as summer beach wear or camping style clothes. Each chorale member is responsible for their own outfit. If finances make it difficult to obtain the appropriate outfit, please contact the conductor.
Performance lights get very hot and the chorale stands very close together. Therefore, YOU MAY NOT wear any perfume, aftershave, heavy or smelly hairspray, or anything else that will smell and intensify under the lights. In addition, you will stand a long time, therefore, wear comfortable shoes. If you are unable to stand for a performance, please contact the Conductor.
There are often requests from community groups for music at various functions. Each request is handled according to the nature of the performance. Sometimes the conductor will put a group of experienced singers together for the performance, sometimes the conductor will ask for auditions for the performance, sometimes just a few people will be asked to perform. If you are interested in singing in small group performances, please let the conductor know. She keeps a list of all those interested and frequently puts certain voices together for certain types of performances or genres of music.
Sometimes solos are by auditions; audition times will be announced during rehearsals. Sometimes solos are assigned by the conductor. Solos are always given at the discretion of the conductor.
Repertoire is chosen collaboratively between the conductor, the chorale manager and singers.