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There are several benefits for students entering this program:


Many of the courses have tuition funded through the grant, so coursework is available at little cost.  You may still be responsible for some expenses such as books and certification exams. 

Short-Term Training

Courses are designed to rapidly prepare you to enter the workforce and can be completed in as little as one semester.

Academic Support

If you have been out of school for a while and forgotten math or writing skills, or if you didn’t master everything in prior learning, you can work on improving those skills while enrolled in MoWINs coursework at the same time.

Non-Credit to Credit Options

As you go through the program, you will gain skills to help find employment, but you will also earn credentials on which you can build a foundation for future learning.  For example, if you are in the IT pathway, you can earn an A+ certification, which can later go towards earning a CISCO Certified Entry Networking Technician certification.  MoWINs courses also require College 101, which will help integrate you into the academic environment.


Many classes are offered in the evening or on the weekends to meet the scheduling needs of adult students.  The different career pathways can be entered at any point.  For example, if you have already earned an A+ certification, you get credit for that prior learning and can begin taking courses in the pathway for the next certificate/degree. 


This program is designed to help you get a job.  As a MoWINs participant, you can earn a certification and begin working in the field.  This way, you have a job to better support yourself and your family as you can begin to work on your next certification or degree, and can work to improve your skills to find an even better job.  All MoWINs courses offer digital literacy training, which will give you the needed computer skills to make you more employable.  MoWINs courses also award the National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC) which lets employers know that you meet desired levels of reading and applied math.

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Last Modified: 4/16/18