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Metropolitan Community College Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Program

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Course Descriptions

MCC Campus(es): MCC-Business & Technology
Program Coordinator: Cecil Davis, 816.604.5409

HVAC 109 - Electricity for HVAC/R Technicians - 4.00 credits

Advanced AC and DC theory, control relays, motors, compressors. Assembly and use of all major HVAC components. Construction and use of wiring diagrams.

HVAC 111 - Principles of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning - 3.00 credits

Introduction to the basic elements of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Heat laws, psychometrics, heating and cooling load estimating, design, and distribution.

HVAC 120 - Fundamentals of Refrigeration - 4.00 credits

Basic principles of refrigeration and their application in HVAC/R. Development of basic skills required for installation, maintenance and servicing HVAC/R equipment. This course prepares students for the EPA 608 refrigeration certification test.

HVAC 135 - Residential Heating A/C I - 4.00 credits

Prerequisite: HVAC 111 & 120; HVAC 109 or concurrent enrollment. Students will develop a basic understanding of residential heating and cooling systems, operation and maintenance.

HVAC 136 - Residential Heating and Cooling II - 4.00 credits

Prerequisite: HVAC 135. Maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting of high efficiency residential equipment.

HVAC 201 - Stationary Engineering - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: HVAC 111 and 120. Principles and safe operation of low pressure and high pressure boilers. The course will prepare students for the basic licensing examination for stationary engineering.

HVAC 221 - Commercial Refrigeration - 4.00 credits

Prerequisites: HVAC 109, 120 and 136. The refrigeration cycle applied to commercial uses. Sizing, selection, installation, and servicing of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment.

HVAC 230 - Sheet Metal Layout and Fabrication - 4.00 credits

Study of the design, installation, balancing, and selection of components for air distribution systems. Lab work includes planning, layout, and fabrication of duct work.

HVAC 235 - Systems Installation - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: HVAC 136 & HVAC 230. Installation of residential HVAC systems including building code review, sizing, selection and installation practices.

HVAC 240 - Geo-Thermal & Air Source Heat Pumps - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: HVAC 136. Operation, servicing and troubleshooting of Geo-Thermal and Air Source heat pump systems.