Course Descriptions

The list below is NOT a complete list of program courses and shows courses taught in the previous, current, and two future terms. View complete degree/certificate requirements and course offerings by clicking the links below.

GEOG 120 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - 3.00 credits

Fundamental concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), elements of GIS, analysis of spatial information, real-world applications, map creation and analysis. Primary objective is to investigate interactive GIS application rather than develop expert users.

GEOG 220 - GIS Database and Design - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: GEOG 120. Concepts of Geo-database design and management in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), SQL statements, geographic data types and functions, data entry, techniques of geographic information structure and indexing, querying techniques, searches, and spatial analysis, creation and use of metadata real-world applications.

GEOG 224 - Applications in Geographic Information Systems - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: GEOG 120 & GEOG 220. Applications in Geographic Information Systems. Data collection, incorporation of local and global data, and analysis of spatial information that can be used to investigate major application areas, national GIS policy.

GEOG 228 - Administrative Issues in GIS - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: GEOG 120. Addresses issues unique to a GIS operation such as implementation issues, decision making procedures, strategies for success, legal issues, involvement of management, NCGIA Guidelines, marking within an organization, strategic planning, and industry outlook.

GEOG 230A - Geographic Information Systems Internship - 1.00 credits

Prerequisites: GEOG 120 & GEOG 220. Internship in a Geographic Information Systems setting. Experience real-workplace requirements, complete assigned tasks by host organization such as GIS data entry, data retrieval, GPS field work, documentation, or general GIS setting duties. Arranged meetings with instructor to discuss work ethics, expectations, challenges, and evaluation.