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Metropolitan Community College Criminal Justice Program

Criminal Justice Course Descriptions

MCC Campus(s):
MCC-Blue River: Police Academy
MCC-Longview: Rick Turner, 816.604.2290
MCC-Penn Valley: Karen Curls, 816.604.4284

CRJU 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice - 3.00 credits

Philosophical and historical background of law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Organization, purpose, and functions of criminal justice agencies on the local, state, and federal levels. The respective roles of personnel in justice agencies in the United States. Career requirements and opportunities in these fields. (MOTR CRJS 101).

CRJU 105 - American Corrections - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: CRJU 101 This course will introduce students to the history of corrections, inmate characteristics, elements of supervision, classification system, and security procedures. Students will examine probation and parole issues, contraband control, prisonization, and re-entry back into the community.

CRJU 122 - Procedural Law - 3.00 credits

This course will present to the student the fundamental concepts of constitutional law as applied to law enforcement. Rules of evidence, admissions and confessions, Miranda, arrest procedures, and search and seizure issues will be taught. A review of relevant case law and how it affects contemporary law enforcement practices will also be presented.

CRJU 132 - Community Relations - 3.00 credits

This course focuses on the dynamics of police and community relationships. Psychological and sociological aspects of police-community relations from the perspectives of the police and ethnic groups, the debate of unequal justice under the law, and efforts towards partnership are introduced.

CRJU 165 - Criminology - 3.00 credits

The course will introduce students to theories associated with criminal behavior and the manifestation of crime. A historical evolution of crime and punishment is introduced along with concepts, terms, and the criminal justice subsystem.

CRJU 169 - Family Violence and Sexual Abuse - 3.00 credits

Introduction to concepts related to interpersonal violence. Categories of abuse studied are spousal, child, sibling, ritual, elderly, gay and lesbian. The course emphasizes legal, social and psychological aspects of abuse.

CRJU 200 - Internship in Criminal Justice - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: The student must complete 15 hours of Criminal Justice including CRJU 101 before taking this course. This course provides students with opportunities to gain practical work experience under the supervision of professionals with experience in the criminal justice or legal field.

CRJU 215 - Juvenile Law - 3.00 credits

Introduction to juvenile law, jurisdiction over and disposition of the juvenile offender, court processing, adjudicatory process, and the Uniform Juvenile Court Act.

CRJU 223 - Criminal Law I - 3.00 credits

Introduction to criminal law. Classification and analysis of crimes and criminal acts. Criminal law as a means of preservation and protection of life and property.

CRJU 228 - Fundamentals of Probation and Parole - 3.00 credits

Historical development of probation and parole from early correctional procedures through modern approaches. Pre-sentence investigation, conditions of probation, and suspended sentences. Prerelease programs, parole conditions, role of probation, and parole conditions, role of probation, and parole personnel.

CRJU 275 - Alcohol and Drug Addiction - 3.00 credits

Exploration of the field of alcohol and drug use, biological, physical, psychological, and social causation theories with particular attention directed toward local and national initiatives in alcohol and drug abuse.


Criminal Justice

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MCC Criminal Justice Student Testimonials

"I like that we don't just focus on one thing. We spent time exploring them all. From the police academy to the jail, courthouse, crime scenes, the morgue, and in community, I've learned something valuable in each that I'll take with me even past graduation.

I got to see the community. I got to experience the people and share their stories. I was a part of their stories. That's a relationship that never would have been possible without the Criminal Justice program."

-Adrian Ausler, Kansas City,  student 

“I received so much more than just a degree. I was able to meet friends and it was more than I expected. The instructors helped me make it through the program. Mentally, it challenges you. It was definitely a life-changer.”

-Chessina Ward, Kansas City, student