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Metropolitan Community College Criminal Justice Program

Criminal Justice Certificate

MCC Campus(s):
MCC-Blue River: Police Academy
MCC-Longview: Rick Turner, 816.604.2290
MCC-Penn Valley: Karen Curls, 816.604.4284

Metropolitan Community College awards certificates to students who complete various career and technical programs. While each campus offers some of the same certificates, others are offered only at one of the MCC campuses.

Important: Certificate and degree requirements may change! Please consult an academic advisor before enrolling.

Police Science Certificate - 600 Program

Police Science Certificate - 600 Program (PDF)

Specific Program Requirements 
LWEN 101 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3
LWEN 111 Law Enforcement Operational Procedures 3
LWEN 112 Traffic Control and Investigation 3
LWEN 114 Law Enforcement Report Writing 3
LWEN 122 Procedural Law for Law Enforcement 3
LWEN 143 Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement 3
LWEN 144 Physical Training and Well Being for Law Enforcement 2
LWEN 200 Law Enforcement Skills 5
LWEN 203 Criminal Investigation I for Law Enforcement 3
LWEN 204 Criminal Investigation II for Law Enforcement 3
LWEN 230 Missouri Statutory Law 3
EMS 110 First Responder 3
Total Credit Hours Required 37

Criminal Justice

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MCC Criminal Justice Student Testimonials

"I like that we don't just focus on one thing. We spent time exploring them all. From the police academy to the jail, courthouse, crime scenes, the morgue, and in community, I've learned something valuable in each that I'll take with me even past graduation.

I got to see the community. I got to experience the people and share their stories. I was a part of their stories. That's a relationship that never would have been possible without the Criminal Justice program."

-Adrian Ausler, Kansas City,  student 

“I received so much more than just a degree. I was able to meet friends and it was more than I expected. The instructors helped me make it through the program. Mentally, it challenges you. It was definitely a life-changer.”

-Chessina Ward, Kansas City, student