Course Descriptions

Below is a partial list of program courses. Click on the degree or certificate below to view complete course offerings and requirements:

A.A.S. Degree: Business - Hospitality Management Emphasis
A.A.S. Degree: Business - Logistics Management Emphasis
A.A.S. Degree: Business - Management Emphasis
A.A.S. Degree: Business - Retail Management Emphasis
A.A.S. Degree: Business - Small Business Management Emphasis
Certificate: Logistics Management
Certificate: Management
Certificate: Restaurant Management
Certificate: Retail Management
Certificate: Sales
Certificate: Small Business Management

BUSN 100 - Introduction to Business - 3.00 credits

This course is designed to help students acquire essential academic success skills while exploring business administration careers through an overview of all phases of business, including ownership, marketing, human resources, finance, management, managerial controls, and the relationship of business to the social and economic environment in which it operates.

BUSN 103 - Business Writing - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: ENGL90 with minimum grade of S or appropriate placement score. Business Writing focuses on best practices and a structured approach to writing clear, effective professional documents such as grants, business plans, RFPs (Request for Proposals), and other fundamental business reports and documents.

BUSN 105 - Business Communications - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: Business Communications identifies the scope and structure of communications within a business environment. The areas of study include writing processes involving a wide variety of business correspondences. Instruction in current methods of electronic communication will be provided. Emphasis is placed on formal reports within the APA and MLA formats/structures.

BUSN 107 - Organizational Behavior - 3.00 credits

Course investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and organizational structures have on behavior in the workplace. The student will develop individual competencies with emphasis in business environments. The acquired competencies can be applied toward improving individual and organizational effectiveness.

BUSN 130 - Entrepreneurship - 3.00 credits

A combined practical, hands-on, and academic approach to entrepreneurship via the creative and innovative process of recognizing opportunity, gathering resources and creating a feasibility study around conceptualizing a business idea and business plan.

BUSN 150 - Marketing - 3.00 credits

The principles of marketing involves the structure of marketing institutions in a global environment. The course includes analysis of marketing functions, consumer behavior, segmentation, market research, product planning, pricing, promotion, distribution and marketing strategies. Internet and electronic mail activities are integrated to develop competencies in data collection, application and task analysis.

BUSN 151 - Consumer Behavior - 3.00 credits

This course examines how individuals and organizations satisfy needs and wants through the selection, purchase, use, and disposal of goods and services. Disciplines including cognitive psychology, social psychology, sociology, economics, and anthropology provide the foundation to understand and predict buying behavior. Topics include marketing strategy, cultural orientation, values, demographics, group dynamics, personal perception, motivation, and other influencers.

BUSN 152 - Principles of Selling - 3.00 credits

This class covers the basic foundations for understanding the concepts and practices of personal selling. Emphasis will be on developing relationships and partnerships in the selling process.

BUSN 160 - Field Experience I - 3.00 credits

Independent study in business related field under the supervision of a Business faculty member. For students currently employed a minimum of 19 hours per week.

BUSN 161 - Field Experience II - 3.00 credits

Prerequisites: BUSN 160 with a grade of C or higher. Field Experience II is a continuation of Field Experience I; however, this course focuses on the five functions of management: controlling, organizing, developing, planning and staffing.

BUSN 190 - Personal Finance - 3.00 credits

Principles of personal financial planning enabling the student to achieve personal economic satisfaction and long-term financial security. Topics will include career planning, taxes, banking, consumer strategies, housing, transportation, insurance, investments, retirement and estate planning.

BUSN 200 - Business Management - 3.00 credits

The course focuses on management functions such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling for successful managerial activities. The students will learn how successful managers use organizational resources through organizational functions in order to effectively and efficiently achieve organizational objectives.

BUSN 202 - Retail Management - 3.00 credits

This course presents an overview of the retail value chain. It explores the current retail environment and key retail management strategies. Students gain an understanding of how to manage in the highly competitive retail environment.

BUSN 204 - Small Business Management - 3.00 credits

The course focuses on principles needed to own and/or manage a small business. It looks at many aspects of business including, but not limited to hiring and retaining talent, financial management, marketing strategies, and legal matters from unique the perspective of a small business.

BUSN 205 - Quality Management - 3.00 credits

This course introduces basic quality management concepts and definitions. It builds on that knowledge to explore quality improvement techniques as a means to diagnose, reduce, and eliminate causes of variation and to assist in process improvement, production control, production planning, and decision making.

BUSN 209 - Strategic Management - 3.00 credits

This course introduces the key concepts, tools, and principles of strategy formulation and competitive analysis. It is concerned with managerial decisions and actions that affect the performance of business enterprises. It focuses on the information, analyses, organizational processes, and skills managers must use to devise strategies, position their businesses, define boundaries and maximize long-term profits.

BUSN 210 - Logistics Management - 3.00 credits

Logistics Management is an integrated system approach involving a variety of environments within a global marketplace. The course explores the logistic system from inbound movement of material and freight into the organization, through physical distribution of the completed product to the consumer. Includes hands-on applications, activities and simulations using the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ guidelines and material.

BUSN 211 - Operations Management - 3.00 credits

This course covers the central role and importance of the operations function in both service and product organizations. Strategy, design, scheduling, materials handling, inventory, production, MRP and distribution are covered.

BUSN 212 - Transportation Management - 3.00 credits

This course covers the significance of an integrated, well-organized, transportation system to a market-driven economy. The development of the transportation system to the U.S. from both historic and economic perspectives is included.

BUSN 213 - Warehouse and Distribution Centers - 3.00 credits

Warehousing and Distribution Centers is an integrated system approach involving a variety of environments within a global marketplace. The course covers the organization and operations of warehouses and distribution centers. The major components are warehousing and distribution center paradigms, system design, locations, technology and financial dimensions.

BUSN 220 - Project Management - 3.00 credits

This course teaches students the essentials of project management discovering the critical concepts needed to plan, implement, control and close any type of project. Students will learn to develop all sections of a project plan and a variety of helpful techniques to generate project ideas.

BUSN 240 - Human Resources Management - 3.00 credits

This course provides an overview of the human resources management functions within an organization and the human resources management profession generally.

BUSN 260 - Management Internship I - 3.00 credits

On-the-job experience approved by the coordinator.

BUSN 261 - Management Internship II - 3.00 credits

Prerequisite: BUSN 260 with a grade of C or higher. On-the-job experience approved by the coordinator.

BUSN 270 - Legal Environment of Business - 3.00 credits

Provides a survey of laws that are important to persons as citizens of the United States and as participants in its economic system.

BUSN 290 - Business Capstone - 1.00 credits

Prerequisite: Instructor approval required. This course is required to obtain an Associate in Applied Science Degree with a Management emphasis. Independent study in business related areas under the supervision of a faculty member. Pass/Fail.