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2019 OSHA & EHSM Course Schedule

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Courses in the Healthcare track pertain to a facilitys safety and health program in the health care industry to include; hospitals, nursing homes and residential care, hospice and home health care, surgery centers, and dental facilities.

Our courses provide you with practical, hands-on experience to help you make an immediate impact at your facility. You will become aware of laws and regulations that affect the healthcare industry and learn how to communicate safety and health issues to management in order to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

These course will help you to take what you have learned in class and implement an effective safety program at your facility.

Who Should Take the Courses:

  • Individuals in industry who have an interest in preventing workplace injuries and illnesses.
  • Individuals just starting out in the safety field or who have an interest in finding a position in safety.
  • Safety and Environmental Health professionals, Infection Control staff, Risk Managers, Human Resource managers, Facility managers, occupational health staff, and safety committee members, and supervisors.

OSHA 511 Standards For General Industry Classes Available

Hours: 32

This 4 day course is an introduction to OSHA policies, procedures, and standards, as well as, general industry safety and health principles. The scope and application of the OSHA General Industry Standards is discussed. Special emphasis is placed on those areas that are most hazardous, along with recommended abatement techniques.

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OSHA 501 Trainer Course in Standards for General Industry Classes Available

Prerequisites: OSHA 511 Standards For General Industry

Hours: 32

Prerequisite: Students must have completed the OSHA 511 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the General Industry and have five (5) years of safety related experience. NOTE: Prior approval of safety experience by the Director, MCC OSHA Training Institute Education Center required for entrance to course. This course is for private sector personnel from all types of industries. It is designed to present detailed information on how the provisions of the OSH Act may be implemented in the workplace. Rights and responsibilities under the OSH Act, the appeals process, record keeping and Voluntary Protection Programs are covered. This four day course also includes an introduction to OSHA's general industry standards and an overview of the requirements of the more frequently referenced standards. This course will allow you to conduct both the 10 and 30-hour voluntary compliance courses and issue cards to participants certifying course completion. NOTE: Students who wish to participate as authorized trainers in the Outreach Program must successfully pass a written exam and an oral presentation.

OSHA 503 Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers Classes Available

Prerequisites: OSHA 501 Trainer Course in Standards for General Industry.

Hours: 24

Prerequisites: OSHA 501 Trainer Course in Standards for General Industry. This three day course is designed for personnel in the private sector who have completed #501 Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the General Industry and who are active trainers in the outreach program. It provides an update on such topics as OSHA general industry standards and policies.

OSHA 6000 Collateral Duty for Federal Agencies

Hours: 32

Please call 816-604-5416 for pricing & scheduling. This course introduces federal agency collateral duty (part-time) safety and health personnel to the OSH Act, Executive Order 12196,29 CFR 1960 and 29 CFR 1910. It enables them to recognize basic safety and health hazards in their own workplaces and to effectively assist agency safety and health officers in their inspection and abatement efforts. A hazard workshop and simulated facility inspection are included in the course.

OSHA 521 Guide to Industrial Hygiene Classes Available

Hours: 32

This course is designed for private sector personnel who are interested in increasing their knowledge of industrial hygiene practices and related OSHA regulations and procedures. Topics include: permissible exposure limits, OSHA health standards, respiratory protection, engineering controls, hazard communication, sampling instrumentation, workplace health program elements and other industrial hygiene topics. Exercises in health hazard recognition, air contaminant sampling and the use of OSHA health standards are highlighted

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OSHA 2225 Respiratory Protection Classes Available

Hours: 32

This version of the respiratory protection course covers the requirements for establishing, maintaining and monitoring a respiratory program. Topics include: terminology, OSHA standards, NIOSH certification and medical evaluation recommendations. Highlights include: laboratories on respirator selection, qualitative fit testing and the use of a large array of respiratory and support equipment for hands-on training. Participation in the qualitative/quantitative fit testing laboratory requires a medical approval to wear a half-mask air purifying respirator.

Enroll in OSHA 2225

OSHA 2255 Principles of Ergonomics Classes Available

Hours: 24

This course introduces the application of ergonomics principles to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. Topics include: work physiology, anthropometry, musculoskeletal disorders, video display terminals and risk factors such as vibrations, temperature, manual handling, repetition and lifting. Highlights include industrial case studies covering analysis and design of work stations and equipment and coverage of current OSHA compliance policies.

Enroll in OSHA 2255

OSHA 3095 Electrical Standards Classes Available

Hours: 32

This course provides a survey of OSHA's electrical standards and the hazards associated with electrical installations and equipment. Topics include: single and three-phase systems, cord and plug-connected and fixed equipment, grounding, ground fault circuit interrupters, hazardous locations and safety-related work practices and NFPA 70E. Emphasis is placed on electrical hazard recognition and OSHA inspection procedures. Hands-on training is provided using various types of electrical test equipment.

Enroll in OSHA 3095

OSHA 7000 Training Guidelines for Safe Patient Handling Classes Available

Hours: 8

The focus of this one-day course is to use OSHA'S Ergonomics Guidelines for Nursing Homes to develop a process to protect workers in nursing homes. The course will focus on analyzing and identifying ergonomic problem jobs and practical solutions to address these problems. Featured topics include; developing an ergonomic process; risk factors in the nursing home guidelines; identifying problem jobs including protocols for resident assessment; and implementing solutions including work practices and engineering solutions.

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OSHA 7105 Evacuation and Emergency Planning Classes Available

Hours: 4

This half-day course focuses on OSHA requirements for emergency action plans and fire protection plans. Preparing for emergencies is a basic principle of workplace safety and health. Participants will learn; reasons for emergency action plans and fire prevention plans and when they are required for a workplace, elements of a good evacuation plan, and features of design and maintenance of good exit routes.

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OSHA 7115 Lockout/Tagout Classes Available

Hours: 6

This course will assist employers to protect employees from potentially hazardous energy. Employers are required by OSHA to develop programs to properly train all employees who may come in contact with hazardous energy and to record that training. Topics include; requirements of the OSHA standards 1910.147, essentials of the standard and its associated programs, how to develop, implement, and maintain a functional program, purpose and use of hazardous energy control procedures and method for retraining employees.

Enroll in OSHA 7115

OSHA 7200 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control for Healthcare Facilities

Hours: 8

This one day course is designed to develop a bloodborne pathogens exposure plan for healthcare facilities using a step-by-step approach. Featured topics include an introduction to the bloodborne pathogens standard, the Exposure control plan, Exposure Determination, Methods of control, vaccinations and evaluations, training and information, and recordkeeping.

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OSHA 7210 Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Hours: 8

This one day course is designed to provide businesses and organizations performing general industry activities with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively plan for a local or regional influenza epidemic or a pandemic caused by an influenza virus.

OSHA 7500 Introduction to Safety and Health Management Classes Available

Hours: 8

The focus of this one-day seminar is the effective implementation of a company's safety and health management system. The workshop addresses the four core elements of an effective safety and health system and those central issues that are critical to each element's proper management.

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OSHA 7505 Intro to Incident (Accident) Investigation Classes Available

Hours: 12

This course covers an introduction to basic incident investigation procedures and describes analysis techniques. Course topics include reasons for conducting incident investigations, employer responsibilities related to workplace incident investigations, and a four step incident investigation procedure. The target audience is the employer, manager, employee or employee representative who is involved in conducting incident and/or near-miss investigations. Upon course completion students will have the basic skills necessary to conduct an effective incident investigation at the workplace.

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OSHA 7510 OSHA for Small Business Classes Available

Hours: 8

This course will introduce owners and managers of small businesses on meeting OSHA safety and health standards and how to prevent illnesses and reduce injuries in the workplace. Topics include OSHA recordkeeping, disaster preparedness, OSHA inspections, lock-out/tag-out, hazard communication and other program requirements.

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OSHA 7845 - Recordkeeping Rules Classes Available

Hours: 4

This 4-hour course is designed to assist employers in identifying and fulfilling their responsibilities for posting certain records, maintaining records of illnesses and injuries and reporting specific cases to OSHA. Several practice sessions are included.

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