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Login to myMCCKC to access your StudentCenter account.
There you can:

  • Pay fees
  • Check financial aid status
  • Set-up payment plan

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Tuition and fees will be refunded 100% for any classes that are canceled by the college. All other refunds are calculated based on the date you officially drop a class. Failure to attend class is not considered an official drop.

If you drop a class, your refund will be calculated according to the Tuition Refund schedule shown below. Options for refund delivery are: direct deposit to your bank account or a check mailed to your address of record. Payments made by credit card will be refunded to the credit card used. If you have paid your tuition and fees in full and then drop a class within the refund period, you will receive a refund after payment of any charges you still owe. If you have not paid before you drop, your account may still show that you have a balance due, depending on when you dropped your classes (see chart below).

Fall 2019

Session Session Start 100% Refund 50% Refund
Regular (Day & Eve) August 20 On or before
August 26
August 27-September 3
5 Week 1 August 20 On or before
August 21
August 22-23
8 Week 1 August 20 On or before
August 22
August 23-26
12 Week September 17 On or before
September 23
September 24-27
8 Week Mid September 17 On or before
September 19
September 20-23
5 Week 2 September 26 On or before
September 27
September 28-30
8 Week 2 October 14 On or before
October 17
October 18-21
5 Week 3 November 1 On or before
November 4
November 5-6
Intersession** Varies *** ***
Mini Varies *** ***

Spring 2020

Session Session Start 100% Refund 50% Refund
Regular (Day & Eve) January 13 On or before
January 21
January 22-27
5 Week 1 January 13 On or before
January 14
January 15-16
8 Week 1 January 13 On or before
January 15
January 16-21
12 Week February 10 On or before
February 14
February 15-20
8 Week Mid February 10 On or before
February 13
February 14-17
5 Week 2 February 18 On or before
February 19
February 20-24
8 Week 2 March 9 On or before
March 12
March 13-23
5 Week 3 March 31 On or before
April 1
April 2-6
Intersession** Varies *** ***
Mini Varies *** ***

Summer 2020

Session Session Start 100% Refund 50% Refund
Regular (Day & Eve) June 1 On or before
June 3
June 4-8
10 Week May 18 On or before
May 21
>May 22-26
Intersession** Varies *** ***
Mini Varies *** ***

** Due to the short length of intersession, refunds will only be available to students who officially drop the class the day before it begins.
*** Look up refund dates for classes in these sessions (or any sessions) by accessing your Student Center at (myMCCKC) and clicking on the "Drop & Refund Deadlines" icon for a particular class on your schedule.

Get Your Refund Faster -- Use Direct Deposit

You can sign up for direct deposit through MCC’s online payment center to have refunds, including financial aid, deposited directly into your bank account. This electronic refund option is free, convenient, secure and the fastest way to get your money.  Our required two-step verification process provides an additional layer of security to protect your personal and refund profile information.  Avoid waiting for your check to arrive in the mailbox--sign up for electronic refunds today!

Here’s how to sign up to receive your refunds electronically.

  1. Go to myMCCKC and sign in to your account.
  2. Select Student Center Home.
  3. Scroll down to the Finances section; under My Account, click on the eRefund Sign-up link.
  4. The online payment center window will open on the eRefunds page.  (If it does not, click on the Refunds tab on the menu bar to access that page.)
  5. If there is a Current Refund Method listed but you wish to replace it with a new one, click the gear icon on the right and select Remove to delete the existing eRefund account first.  (You can only have one account designated for eRefunds.) In a few seconds you will receive an email alert that your refund account has been changed and to contact MCC if you did not authorize the change.  You will also receive a similar text message alert if you previously entered your mobile phone number in the system.
  6. If you have not yet enrolled in Two-Step Verification, you will see a message informing you that this is required if you want to add a refund method. Click on the Security Settings link provided to proceed with Two-Step Verification enrollment:
    • On the My Profile/Security Settings page, select the Primary Method by which you would like to receive a passcode, either Text message or Email.
      • If you select Text message, you will enter your mobile phone number and carrier.
      • If you select Email message, you can either select your MCC student email address (displayed), or enter a new (personal) email address.
    • Click Send Code. The system will send a numeric passcode to the mobile phone or email account you selected.
    • Enter the code in the Verify passcode field and click Verify.
    • Optional: You can choose to set up a Backup Method to have a passcode sent to an additional mobile number or email address.  To do this, click the Setup Method button and enter a second phone number or email address as you did for the Primary Method.
  7. To set up your Refund Account, click on the Refunds tab on the menu bar to access the eRefunds page; then click Set Up Account.  (If you receive a passcode by text or email, enter the code and click Verify.)
  8. When the Set up Refund Account window pops up, select Set up a new account.
    Note:  If there is an existing account listed that you want to use as your refund account, you can select that account instead; then click Continue.
  9. If you selected Set up a new account, enter the information identifying the bank account where you want your refunds deposited, your name and address, and the name you want to give your eRefund account; then click Continue.
  10. Click the I Agree checkbox at the bottom of the Refund Account agreement to sign it; print the agreement if desired; then click Continue.
  1. A confirmation that your changes were saved will be displayed, and you will see the account you just designated as your Current Refund Method.
Last Modified: 8/7/19