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The Path Forward - Board Chair's Message

Matt Johnson, MCC Foundation Board Chair

I joined the MCC Foundation Board of Directors because of its long-standing commitment to offering scholarships for students to access advanced educational opportunities; academic programs that take advantage of community and business partnerships that provide real-world working opportunities; and the best teaching and learning environments that help students achieve success in greater Kansas City.

In my role, I see over 50 percent of MCC students require financial aid in order to realize their dreams of higher education. Many are the first in their families to attend college. The MCC Foundation serves over 22,000 students annually by funding improvements to MCC’s learning facilities, educational enhancement programs and student scholarships.

With community colleges receiving only 15 percent of Missouri’s total state higher education allocation, despite serving over half of the States’ college students, the work of the Foundation Board and public philanthropy is more important now than ever. At the same time, students often choose community colleges to help them achieve their academic and career goals without incurring the higher levels of student loan debt which have become characteristic of many four-year colleges and universities.

In the last two years, Metropolitan Community College has reinvented itself under the leadership of Dr. Kimberly Beatty, the College’s eighth Chancellor. Recently, the Chancellor and leadership team cast a vision for the educational future of the College: The Path Forward, with the Metropolitan Community College Foundation (MCC) playing a critical role towards achieving that vision.

The MCC Foundation’s financial resources benefit students and campuses throughout the MCC district. These funds are kept and managed separately from the College. The Foundation acts as a trustee for donations to assure that gifts are distributed in the manner specified by the donor.The Path Forward is designed to create an opportunity for MCC to leverage existing and future resources to meet the growing needs of the community. A campaign is key to accomplishing this bold vision.

We look forward to partnering with you!

Matt Johnson
MCC Foundation Board Chair