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Faculty Survey Results


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Faculty NameSubjectCredentialsInstructor Type
Mathews, Patricia BIOL  Part-time Faculty 
Kjelshus, Jon HVAC  Part-time Faculty 
Budhram, Ronald CHEM  Part-time Faculty 
Amendola, Alfonso PHED  Part-time Faculty 
Fitzgerald, Daniel ESL  Part-time Faculty 
Brumley, Kristen COLL  Part-time Faculty 
Leone, Stephen LWEN  Part-time Faculty 
Beck, Mark CSIS  Part-time Faculty 
Cox, James EMS  Part-time Faculty 
Bankston, Marlon PHED  Part-time Faculty 
Edwards, James LWEN  Part-time Faculty 
Boles Pelzer, Cheryl PHED  Part-time Faculty 
Lillibridge, Glenn PHED  Part-time Faculty 
Stubbs Jr, Nelson CIMM  Part-time Faculty 
Stephens, Thomas ESL  Part-time Faculty 
Gabbert, Anthony BSAD  Part-time Faculty 
Schroer, Michael BIOL  Part-time Faculty 
Higgins, Susan PSYC  Part-time Faculty 
Stein, Vicki CDCG  Part-time Faculty 
Davis, Rosemary CDCG  Part-time Faculty 
Last Modified: 6/6/18