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Faculty Survey Results


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Faculty NameSubjectCredentialsInstructor Type
Denes, Russell AGBS Bachelor Degree Part-time Faculty 
Ricklefs, John AGBS Bachelor Degree Part-time Faculty 
Kriegh, David AGBS Bachelor Degree Part-time Faculty 
Berg, Leah AGBS Bachelor Degree Part-time Faculty 
Barrera, John AGBS  Part-time Faculty 
Boom, Rebecca ALHT  Part-time Faculty 
Wilson, Frederick ALHT, BIOL Master of Science Part-time Faculty 
Carter, Sharon ALHT, BIOL Master of Science Part-time Faculty 
Underwood, Rosa ALHT, BIOL  Part-time Faculty 
Fuller, Kathleen ANTH  Part-time Faculty 
Moran, Sandra ANTH  Part-time Faculty 
Egitto, Antoinette ANTH  Part-time Faculty 
Eaton, Melissa ANTH, SOCI Master of Arts Full-time Faculty 
Vece, Grit APTX  Part-time Faculty 
Bender, Heidi APTX  Part-time Faculty 
Elder, Margaret APTX Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
Brownfield, Shirley APTX Associate of Arts Part-time Faculty 
Cuno, Angela APTX Bachelor Degree Part-time Faculty 
Kennedy, Barry APTX, ART Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
Farnan, Sheryl APTX, MATH Doctor of Philosophy Full-time Faculty 
Last Modified: 6/6/18