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Design Submissions

Design Guidelines

  1. Mascot artwork/design must be original work only. Clip art images/ illustrations are not permitted.
  2. Mascot artwork/design must include a stand-alone headshot. Other variations (full body, torso, etc.) can be submitted only in conjunction with the headshot.
  3. Mascot fur must be white or grey in color. Other colors included in artwork/design are limited to, black, MCC white, MCC gray, and MCC blue. Color artwork is preferred, and submitting an additional grayscale version is encouraged.
    1. Mascot artwork/design may be created in any medium, including, but not limited to, pen, pencil, charcoal, watercolor, etc., but the preferred medium is vector-based artwork. JPEG, PDF and PNG files are acceptable for initial submissions.
    2. Text is not permitted in the design.
    3. Mascot artwork/design should fit within the space of an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper if hand drawn. It should be able to be manipulated in regard to size, being legible both very large and very small (1 inch).
    4. When ready to submit, click the Submit button below. Your email app should open to a pre-addressed email. Simply attach your file and hit send.

Submit Design

Last Modified: 6/1/18